Thursday, October 26, 2017

Not My Plans? by Gynis M Belec

I am an agenda person. I love my agenda. I have to have my agenda. Writing my plan for the next day, is one of the last things I do before I drift off to dreamland. If I don’t have a completed daily agenda, my day seems fractured and incomplete.
So last week, when my day did NOT go as (I) planned, I contemplated going back to bed. But, instead, I chose to whine. It was at that point that I noticed I had missed something a day prior, when I returned from an out of town event. I had not heard about the terrific winds that played havoc in our area. When I arrived home, the weather had settled and I only learned about the unwelcome winds that gusted in my absence after the fact, so I looked outside - straight ahead. All seemed well.
When I happened to step on our back deck the next morning, I realized that I perhaps should have looked left, too. Our portable canvas and metal storage shed that had stood solid for four years, was now uprooted, upended and had obviously been lifted up in the air, over the fence and was now upside down in the neighbour’s yard. The contents were scattered and strewn. We hadn’t noticed and it seemed our lovely neighbours hadn’t seen it, either.
But I sure did this morning.
“God. Seriously? You know how much I have to do today.”
My agenda was full. I began to whine. Company was coming and the last thing I felt like doing that day was battling with the bulky, mangled metal and canvas monstrosity. I had to make meat pie and apple crisp. I needed to get my Dad up and I had deadlines. But I also had to get outside and figure out what to do.
The neighbours weren't answering the door. My husband wasn't answering his phone.
My moaning intensified. 
“Why me, God? Why now, God?”
Do all things without grumbling or complaining. Phillipians 2:14
That still small Voice came a-whispering again.
“Glynis. Seriously?”
My mind drifted to James 1: 2-4 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.
Then I remembered Texas and Florida, and Las Vegas and Somalia, lost children, exploited women, persecuted men ... my silly mangled metal and scattered contents didn’t seem to matter anymore.
I left a text message for my hubby to call when he got a second. I got Dad up and ready to face the day. He was up in good time and we weren’t in a rush. The telephone rang. My husband would be home in a few hours. Just enough time to whip up a meat pie and apple crisp. Company would be coming soon. The kettle was on.
And my day continued. The meat pie and apple crisp were delicious. We enjoyed our company. Hubby came home just in time to enjoy some dessert and then we headed outside and worked together to clean up and toss out. Dad had a nap. I met a deadline and all was well with our corner of the world.
 Tonight, I will write in my agenda again. I will copy some of the things I didn’t get done the day before. But I will also, perhaps write – at the top of my to-do list Proverbs 16:1 [NLT] We can make our own plans, but the LORD gives the right answer.

Glynis lives, loves, laughs and does an awful lot of reading, writing, publishing and praying in her home office. 
        How thrilled Glynis is to be part of CHRISTMAS WITH HOT APPLE CIDER - an anthology filled with a wonderful assortment of Christmas short stories, memories, drama and poetry. 


Alan Anderson said...

Hi Glynis! I appreciate what you say in your post. I just see you were reminding yourself you are human. I enjoyed reading this. In a way your upset shed may indeed be a reminder of how our plans can be interrupted. I think it is also how we respond to these interruptions that matters.

Carolyn R. Wilker said...

Surprising what happens when we don't expect or need a wrinkle. Ours was a different sort. I wonder how loud God laughs at our plans. Glad you got through the day though. Is the shed completely done in?

Rose McCormick Brandon said...

Love this Glynis. I once read that the seemingly haphazard events that upset our plans are really God's deliberate additions and our true purpose for that particular day. Thanks for the reminder.

Peter Black said...

I'm far from as focused and organized as you are, Glynis, but you speak for me and no doubt many of us regarding the tendency to whine when a monkey wrench gets thrown into the works of our expectations and activities we want to accomplish. Your 'small voice' experiences are so true for me, too. A broad scriptural frame of reference really is a valuable 'attitude adjuster' for providing a spiritual nudge or a more strong 'smack'! ~~+~~

Carol Ford said...

I certainly can relate, Glynis. I felt the stress as you described the day. Today I went across town to have bi-weekly sewing morning with friends. I lug sewing machine etc. and just as I was opening the trunk, I remembered I had left a critical piece behind. I jumped back in the car and decided to enjoy the ride vs feeling the pressure. This helped. I also decided on this 'double' trip, that when I pass a church, especially in my own town, I am going to say a prayer for that congregation; a new prompt for me.

Glynis said...

Yes, Carolyn. Your's was definitely a different sort. Mine was nothing compared ... And yes the shed is no more! Gone. But now we have a lovely open area! :)

Isn't that the truth, Rose? Our plans never trump God's! It IS a good reminder. You are correct!

Haha Peter. That spiritual smack occurs often for me. You'd think, because Be Still and Know That I Am God, is my favourite scripture, I might remember to do it once in a while! Still learning...

And Carol, You hit the nail on the head! It's all about attitude. And I love your prayer commitment. So wonderful!

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