Saturday, July 15, 2017

Breathe by Glynis M Belec

I love that my writing and publishing business is busy. I love to learn. I love that I have a home office and can take courses at home or write whenever the time is right. I love that my elderly father lives with us and I can care for him 24/7. 

I hate that my life is so crazy busy. I hate that I too often don't have enough time to complete what my agenda has set before me on any particular day. I hate that my commitments keep me virtually house/office bound.

Then I remember ...

There is a season time for everything

A time to be born - I don't remember much but I am thankful it happened ...
A time to die - Dear God, we just heard of another death today. A young fellow. Cancer. I hate cancer but I trust You. 
A time to plant - I complained that I was late planting my garden. I look at it now and realize you had it all under control.
A time to harvest - I look at my garden in awe. Tiny seeds produce full plates. Delicious miracles
A time to kill - I will never understand war.
A time to heal - Yesterday we heard the joyous news that the son of a friend of ours who had a stem cell transplant for leukemia has been declared cancer free. Thank you Jesus.
A time to destroy- The forest fires in BC are consuming homes and ripping apart homes; but it cannot tear the fabric of family and community 
A time to rebuild - After the floods here in town, it must have warmed your heart, Lord, to watch people rally together and pitch in to help. 
A time to cry- Lord may my family see the void in their lives. May they find You. I sometimes cry in my pillow wondering if my prayers are futile ... 
A time to laugh - oh my little granddaughter makes me laugh out loud and my stress melts. 
A time to grieve - deep grief is a sign of deep love
A time to dance - I am notorious for dancing when no one is watching - except you, God. Then I hope I make you smile. Ssshh. Don't tell anyone. 
A time for scattering stones - Play is a wonderful thing; even (no, especially) for those who grow weary.
A time for gathering stones - I love to see people who love their work. It shows in their productivity.
A time to hug - Although I am a partial introvert, I cannot imagine a day without at least one hug. I love when my grandchildren come back for another hug. 
A time not to hug - I've discovered that sometimes people just want to be left alone with their thoughts for a while. I don't have to initiate everything.
A time to find - That night. 1986. 3am. I found You, Lord, even though it was me who was lost, not You.
A time to lose - It took me to have cancer before I came to the realization that I didn't have to win every battle. Sometimes it was more beneficial to lose. 
A time for keeping - Oh Lord. I love this. I am a pack rat. 
A time for throwing away - One day it will all be dust. And then a wind. I'm learning to purge. 
A time to tear - My heart breaks when I see the fabric of family ... torn
A time to repair - I am married to the handiest husband ever. He has this special glue. 
A time to be quiet - The sound of silence is something I am learning to appreciate. Be still and know.
A time to speak up - I had to tell her how she was causing pain with her wicked words, as hard as that was to do. 
A time for loving -  Family equals love. The best parts of my life is when I am surrounded by my children and grandchildren and everyone is laughing together and appreciating the moments. 
A time for hating - The result of hatred in this world happens in our house every evening around 6pm. Sometimes I just cannot look at the news any longer. A steady dose of hatred makes my heart hurt and my stomach turn. 
A time for war - How can anyone kill another human? But one look at the state of this world confirms the battles will continue as long as there are those who lust after power ... (and for what end?) 

A time for peace - Quietly, hopefully, patiently ... And then, I breathe. 

Yes the moment my grumbling begins God reminds me that to everything there is a season (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8). And then he tells me to be still and know that He is God (Psalm 46:10) and then, I breathe, again. 

        Glynis lives, loves, laughs and does an awful lot of reading, writing, publishing and praying in her home office. 
        How thrilled Glynis is to be part of GOOD GRIEF PEOPLE (Angel Hope Publishing) - an anthology filled with stories that help readers recognize, honour and celebrate  the individuality of grief.            


Susan Harris said...

I like this, Glynis, the examples that accompany the times. Keep breathing, and with it, new inspiration.

Peter Black said...

I like it, too, Glynis. Your open, yet intimate and personal applications speak wisdom arising from experience and tested faith. Thank you for sharing them. ~~+~~

fudge4ever said...

I loved this, Glynis, and it's a good reminder to just breathe, thank you. 🌷 Pam M

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