Friday, July 14, 2017

The Birth of a Literary Grandchild

Here is my confession. I'm envious. I'm envious of all those folks around my age who are blessed with grandchildren. Whenever I see them dandling a toddler on their knee I feel a twinge of envy. I want one of thosea grandchild.
That's me in the wagon with my younger brother Dale in 1957

I turned sixty-five this year, and as I occasionally remind  my sons, I think it's time. But alas this is not a solo endeavour.

Writing a book and seeing it come to fruition has often been compared to giving birth to a child. I believe the analogy is fitting. Writing a book certainly is a labour of love. From conception to delivery you carry that book with you for a period of months or years. Little by little it grows within you until it is finally ready for the world.

My first book was published in November 2003. I remember bringing my baby home from the hospitalerr publisheras proud as any first-time father.

Good books have a life of their own. They kick up a fuss and generate interest. The Soldier, the Terrorist & the Donkey King certainly did just that. In 2005 it won the Word Guild Award for Historical Fiction. The first print run sold out in nine months. Two additional print runs followed.

You might say that my baby grew up. Last year it crossed the border as I signed a contract with Kregel Publications. That marriage resulted in a literary grandchild that was born in June.

Of course every new baby needs a name. The title for this new baby of dual American/Canadian citizenship is The Soldier Who Killed a King.

Guess what? Grandpa's proud of this baby. I'm sure it will kick up a fuss and generated a lot of interest. Good books do that.

Now Lord, how about some of those flesh and blood grandchildren?

David Kitz lives in soggy Ottawa with his wife Karen. To learn more about his book and drama
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The official release date for The Soldier Who Killed a King is July 25th.



Susan Harris said...

Congratulations on your grandchildren, David. Although the literary one precedes the flesh-and-blood one, your faith speaks them into being. Great writing and analogy. This post made me smile.

Peter Black said...

I join the congratulatory chorus, gramps! That's really great news.
And I second Susan's motion regarding the "things as yet not seen" coming into actuality.
While I could be envious of your literary grandkids, I'm more envious of those absolutely magnificent abs! ;)~~+~~

David Kitz said...

Thanks, Susan & Peter.

Marcia Laycock said...

I share your longing for the grandbabies David! Congrats on the literary one!

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