Sunday, May 15, 2016

Life--A Grab Bag by Ruth Smith Meyer

This month I’m using a blog from way back and revising it to suit my present life.   That’s because this past week or two have held such a wide variety of experiences and the subject just seemed to fit.

Although I haven’t seen them recently, I remember the local drug store of my childhood having “Grab Bags” in an aisle bin for a modest price.  You couldn’t see what was in the brown paper bags before purchasing them; you just had to hope there may be some things you really, really wanted.  A few times, I couldn’t resist the temptation.  There usually was at least one item with which I was delighted. Some were okay, but not something I would normally have purchased, but still useful, and some items I hardly knew what I could do with-even a disappointment. Yet they had all come in one bag.

The past week or two sometimes have felt like one of those grab bags--holding quite a variety of components that tried to wreak havoc with my equilibrium. 

 Among the goodies—warm thoughts and actions conferred on me for Mother’s Day from both parts of my family. Those included beautiful words, cards flowers, a teddy bear from a granddaughter who thinks everyone should have one of those to hug, a nice family dinner and two dozen beautiful roses from a son-in-law who feels more like a son.  I also had a deeply satisfying day with Paul’s three daughters as we worked at dividing the contents of a few rooms. A daughter and grandson showed up on a Saturday afternoon to help with some heavier cleaning that had been weighing on my mind.  Another daughter did me the favor of driving me to a speaking engagement in Toronto. And perhaps most satisfying was bringing together another cantata for our choir to sing at Christmas; sorting through the beautiful music we have sung in the past, finding a theme and writing narration that would tie it all together to let the listeners know that The Light will Come.

The okay? The days are getting longer but have remained on the cool side.  To me this is not all bad, for I prefer cooler rather than hot.  However the spring is advancing, flowers have begun to bloom, the birds are tending their nests, summer will come. Although my days, my house and my life still feel lonely, I am adjusting and slowly, but surely finding a new way of life.

The items I think I could have done without? A hip and leg are keeping me awake with pain and unable to be as active as I am used to being. All the news of tragedy in the world. The forest fires in Fort McMurry make my heart bleed for those who have been affected, for the firemen and workers fighting the inferno, for the mothers who see their sons and daughters going into danger in order to help others. The news of more deaths of people in the prime of life, some older spouses left alone after a life-time of love, and several afflicted with Lou Gerig’s disease facing a long slow decline and increasing inability to communicate. Then there is the burial of my husband’s remains today. I have definitely not looked forward to this rite which was delayed for four full months after his death.  It seems like having to revisit my initial grief—like pulling a scab off a wound way before the needed healing has fully taken place. Being the kind of person who is carried through the immediate crisis by adrenalin and the full realization only dawns on me gradually weeks after, this seems like a bad time to have to attend to this task—the adrenalin is gone.

Some would say as in the grab bag, life is a bit of a gamble.  There is no doubt; life certainly is a mixed bag.  What a difference though when one has a deeply grounded faith in Someone Who has the world in His hands!  It helps us believe there is purpose in each one of those grab bag items, even if that purpose may be concealed at the moment. Let us not cast away or push any one of them aside, but reach out with open hands, seek out the opportunity for growth, understanding and deeper relationships that each presents and ask that Someone for help when we are perplexed.   


Ruth Smith Meyer most of the time enjoys discovering God's faithfulness as she faces the adventures in her life.  She thanks God for the privilege of speaking to different audiences on different subjects and discussing the contents of her books with her readers.  Visit her at ruthsmithmeyer. com.  


Peter Black said...

You continue to graciously provide glimpses into your life's journey and experience of triumph in the midst of and over pain, both physically and emotionally.
Grab bag - what an interesting analogy. Thank you Ruth.
Your words really do provide insights to help others of us experience "growth, understanding and deeper relationships that each [item in the grab bag] presents and ask that Someone for help when we are perplexed." ~~+~~

Glynis said...

I agree with Peter, Ruth. You always so graciously give us glimpses into your heart through your life journey.

I sense the sadness, but I also perceive the joy in your words and in your soul. Thanks for sharing a little more of your heart and for applying what you learn through the everyday!

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