Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Marshmallow Test

   by Glynis M. Belec

A few weeks ago my pastor shared a sermon he entitled "Overcoming Temptation." We explored temptations found in the Bible including Eve's pride, David's lust, Judas's greed and Paul's constant struggle within.

     When Pastor Duane spoke about the strength that Jesus had to turn away from temptation I was, again, reminded about how mighty He is and how weak I am. Imagine lasting 40 days without food? I would be lucky if I could last one day without filling my face with something. And I am thinking that I would be pretty tempted to show that devil how powerful I was in the desert and how easy it would be for me to call upon all the powers of the heavens to intervene. But that was just the kind of power the enemy wanted. No matter how tempting the offer, Jesus didn't cave.

     Subtle, elusive, restrained; the enemy still stalks and deceives. He keeps reminding me how unworthy I am as a writer and how foolish I am to think people would pay to read my words. He reminds me what a loser I really am; after all I have a file full of rejection slips and I don't know enough about technology to make it as a writer today. And then when I try to fight back and present all my accomplishments he whispers into my ear how proud and conceited I am. So I shrivel.

 Then I remember - Jesus. I remember the strength I find in Him once I shift the focus from me to Thee! I remind myself - or perhaps I should give credit to the Holy Spirit for reminding me about how the Spirit of God comes through the Word of God. I crack open my well worn Bible and begin to see all over again that I need not be tempted to fall prey to the subtle lies and deception. I am encouraged to write my own words through the strength of the Lord for Him to bless accordingly.

     As I recall snippets of what Pastor Duane said a few Sundays ago, I am reminded of the 1972 Stanford Marshmallow Test. Since Pastor showed the video that day in church I have watched it more than a few times over. I love it and see it as such a great demonstration of how temptation seizes us and, in some cases, makes us almost explode. I wonder which kiddo I would be. How about you? Gotta' love that little red headed girl who had the marshmallow in her mouth before the instructions were even over. Please God make me more like the little boy at the end.



Peter Black said...

Oooh Glynis, that marshmallow test surely drives home the point! Hmm -- candid camera lives, eh? But God is able to "keep us from falling and present us blameless in his glorious presence with joy" (Jude 1:24).
Thanks for the challenge and cheer. ~~+~~

Kimberley Payne said...

Doesn't that just bring the point home! Thanks for the great example, Glynis.

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