Monday, January 06, 2014

A White Rock Garden: What is really killing the bees?

A White Rock Garden: What is really killing the bees?: Thanks for joining me on part 2 of my interview with SR on the future of the honeybee. Please see part 1 of our discussion here. WRG  When...


Ed Hird+ said...

This is an article written by a Christian with a passion for caring for God's good creation. As Christians, we need to be faithful stewards of God's good gifts, including his bees which are so vital in pollinating our fruit. I would value your reflections on how we might make a difference. Is the disappearance of bees something that should concern us as Christians who are writers?

Peter Black said...

Ed, it is a very interesting article, and I recognize the importance of bees to agriculture because of their tremendous role in pollination. And of course, they're crucial to the livelihoods of honey producers/ processors and necessary for human honey consumption.
I wonder whether Colony Collapse Disorder serves as a 'canary in the mine' and that it's an early warning of other potential effects that may yet show up in the future, due to the chemical(among other things) as discussed in the article. ~~+~~

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