Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Is It All There Waiting?/MANN

When we lived at the end of a long farm lane in Grey County, Doug laboriously drove the Massey tractor drawing a snow blower after winter storms—often coming into the house looking like a nice abominable snowman. He gained a new snow blower during our first winter in town, but often remarked how cold his hands got during his task of clearing a wide driveway, sidewalk and patio.
During this month (in his third winter of blowing snow on this property), he complained at the right time about this. One of our sons said, “Dad, that blower has hand warmers. Put them on.”
I liken this illustration to the many discoveries and inventions that the human race finally grasp and bring to light throughout centuries. And I marvel at God’s endowment of marvellous unlimited resources. Do you think that everything is waiting for us to explore, define and utilize to make the world a better place? That thought humbles me with overwhelming gratitude. Granted, mankind has mixed and muddled ingredients and elements that create destructive formulas, and at times the result becomes negative, harmful and even violent. And I offer no excuses for this, except greed, feeding the ego and poor choices. But, even when this happens, it’s only a matter of time that scientists, doctors and other learned people in particular vocations offer a response in the way of an answer, an inoculation, a safe-guard, a device or discovery of knowledge that is world changing.
I was asked one time, “Donna, why are you surprised?” I respond now that I’m no longer surprised as I believe it’s all there waiting to be recognized, acknowledged and utilized. Some cultures are very much in touch with God’s gifts to the world at large and draw on them without hesitation, while other cultures seem reluctant to consider what does not appear obvious.
Perhaps trust plays a huge part in this. Trust, that God has already provided for the seen and unseen; for the developed and undeveloped. This makes life more exciting when I wonder, what is provided for us that we haven’t explored and discovered. 
We wonder why there is not a cure to some diseases. People pour in financial funds to support research. Time and effort fills the marketing sites with information and challenges. Can we trust that the cure has been provided, but we haven’t discovered it yet? One of these days, I hope that in some country, some person will explore, investigate, and discover exactly what the rest of us need to know. Another one of those gifts will be opened to bring healing and health. 
Finding the button to turn on the hand-warmers is welcome on a cold and snowy January day.
Donna for updates on the YA Aggie series and A Rare Find (Story of an Albertan midwife).  Both published the fall of 2013.


Tracy Krauss said...

this certainly made me smile. Life is like that, isn't it? We struggle to do things when there is a simple solution already provided. (The biggest example of course, being God's gift of salvation....)

Peter Black said...

So true Donna, and so is Tracy's comment re salvation.
Sometime we males of the species do things the hard way instead of using what is already there -- at least, speaking for myself.
Your well-put points brought to mind Psalm 24 -- "The earth is the Lord's and everything in it" -- and we, the people are too. :) ~~+~~

Donna Mann said...

Thank you Peter. Psalm 24 is a favourite Psalm for me. I based a children's musical drama on that Psalm a long time ago. Thanks for your thoughts as well, Tracy. And yes, all good gifts are from God.

Glynis said...

And I think I remember that drama well, Donna!

I like this: 'Some cultures are very much in touch with God’s gifts to the world at large and draw on them without hesitation, while other cultures seem reluctant to consider what does not appear obvious.'

I think the further we pull ourselves away from God the harder it is to get in touch with God's gifts.

Great post.

Donna Mann said...

Thanks for your comments, Glynis. And yes, you would remember that musical very well as you edited . . . and edited it. :) You even sent me flowers, bless your heart. To think that was about ten years ago.

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