Wednesday, June 19, 2013

You Know It's A Good Conference When... den Boer

Every session you attend teaches you something you didn't know before.

You like all the food.

You make new friends.

You reconnect with old friends.

You buy books.

You buy more books.

The books you buy are tax deductible.

You sell books.

You sell your own books.

You enjoy your volunteer position so much you have to be told to tone down.

You meet editors who might want to work with you.

You come out of your faculty appointment with hope in your heart.

You read from your WIP at an Early Bird session and people laugh at the right places.

One of the keynote speakers is the twin of a friend back home.

You realize your WIP needs a ton of work and you're not even upset.

You come home and supper is on the table and the house is cleaner than when you left.

That was a good conference.

Thank you Write! Canada.

Marian den Boer is the author of Blooming, This Pilgrim's Progress. You can follow her current WIP, Minnie Goes to Heaven, on her blog


Peter Black said...

Marian, that's quite a ringing endorsement!
I don't want to use the "E" word (envy!), but I sure wish I'd been at the conference with you and everyone else who attended.
I'm really glad you had such an enjoyable and beneficial time. ~~+~~

Marian said...

Peter we missed you, especially at the morning prayer.

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