Monday, October 22, 2012

Night Owl

I am a night owl. No matter how hard I may wish to be an early bird, I have always been and will likely always be, a night owl.

I used to feel bad about that. I still do on occasion. When discussing the hours of a recent course I would be teaching, I requested an afternoon rather than a morning class. My supervisor chuckled and said, “Not a morning person, eh?”

Our society seems to put greater worth on hours worked before noon than after noon. And there isn’t really a logical reason for that. We’ve all heard, “early to bed, early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy and wise.”

It isn’t that I haven’t done the early morning shifts; it’s that I do the evening and night shifts much better. I feel more alert, have higher productivity – and am more cheerful.

For years, I felt as if I should try to change this. But it’s been a losing battle. I can easier work until four in the morning than I can wake up at four in the morning.

Then someone told me, “God made the early birds and the night owls so he would always have someone to sing his praises.”

Hooray, I’m not a lazy bones! I’m a night owl!

Recently, my husband got an app on his I-Touch that has bird sounds. Did you know that there are 525 different owls all over the world including the tropics and subarctic? And each of these owls makes several different interesting and unique sounds. The Great Horned Owl which we have around here, makes a deep sound like a large dog barking. The Easter Screech Owl sounds like a horse whinnying. It’s great fun listening to all the varied sounds of owls on this bird song app. And I can just imagine the chorus they must make sending up their collective praises to their Creator.

Night owls or early birds – God made each of us to do our part for him.
Dorene Meyer, author of Rachel's Children 
Jenny Wilson, an investigative reporter, finds more than she bargained for: Jeff Peters, the man who had mysteriously disappeared from her life three years before; Missy, the child she thought was dead; and a story that could make headlines across the world.        
But if Jenny publishes what she knows, Jeff may be sent to prison; Missy could lose her father; and Jenny will have betrayed her new friends. It is a choice that only she can make.


Peter Black said...

Very interesting, Dorene.
I've tended to be more night oriented, but have also been a light sleeper for decades. Bouts of insomnia -- especially after working on late -- have coaxed me to be more moderate in winding down at a reasonable hour.
Maybe your pattern will modify if and when your biorhythmic clock coaxes you :)

violet said...

I'm definitely a morning person. But if you are as dozy and out of it in the morning as I feel at night all power to you to go with your inner clock. It's obviously working for you. Congratulations on the publication of Rachel's Children. (An email from to me yesterday recommended I buy it... one of these days, after I vanquish a few more of the unread books already on my Kindle!)

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