Thursday, October 04, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

     by Glynis M. Belec

     Drayton is a little farming town tucked nicely somewhere between Kitchener and Listowel. Life in a small town has its amazing benefits, although some city slicker might scoff and utter derogatory slams implying narrowness of mind and wondering how people actually enjoy living in the boon-docks. Doesn't bother me an iota. The joys of small town living far out-weigh the conveniences of city dwelling.

Michael shares his heart...
One of those joys, happened this past Sunday when Michael Bull Roberts from Tender Heart Ministries in Toronto, paid a visit. Souls were stirred and the Holy Spirit was on the move. The small town reception from some pretty cool folk warmed Michael's heart and seemed to confirm God was using him in a mighty way.
One of Michael's Facebook entries about his visit said this:

...Holy, Holy, Holy, unreal. I'm still pumped from last night’s event. I knew when I left the house something great was going to happen and it did. The people were wonderful. I sat doing worship in my apartment y myself before I went and when Dave picked me up I said to him man I'm excited to go there. I feel this one will be awesome and it was. It felt so good to feel that one inch of love from hundreds of people. Last night’s event truly renewed my strength and confidence in what I'm trying to do thank you Jesus...

   I had had the opportunity to meet Michael 'on line' almost a year ago via Donna Fawcett/Dawson - our mutual writer friend. Before I knew it, I found myself heartbroken. I had heard the CTV news report. I had read Michael's best selling book and I had hooked up with him on Facebook and was slowly realizing the immense love that God had for this man.

Never in my life have I met a man whose story is so heart-wrenching yet so gloriously inspiring. As Michael bared his soul in front of the 450 people who had gathered at Drayton Reformed Church to hear the bulky former drug-lord and gangster turned crusader for Christ, I couldn't help wanting to hug him.

I have so much to say about Michael and his incredible genuine gratitude to God. I still have to sort out my thoughts and my notes and keep learning more about the tender heart of the Beast, as he calls himself.

 I heard more beauty in Michael's words as he gave all the glory to the grace of God for rescuing him from the miry pit. He is a humble man and although he is an amazing story-teller, he does say he much prefers one on one or small group situations.

I think anyone who heard Michael speak in Drayton last week couldn't help but go home and in the quiet of their own hearts, think upon what he said. God uses us all if we let Him. God used Michael mightily in this little ol' small town. And judging by the phone calls, emails, face to face discussions that I have been responding to, that big city fella' who is following the leading of Jesus, made a great big impact in the heart of many. I know he sure did in mine!

Michael may have once been a beast but the beauty that shines forth in the life of this Champion for Christ is inspiring.

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Peter Black said...

Glynis, thank you for sharing your afterglow and reflections on Michael's ministry night in Drayton.
As one who has met him and seen numerous lives transformed by the power of God's love and grace, my heart was again warmed as I read.
I'm reminded to pray for him and his work.

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