Friday, September 02, 2011

Trust in 2011 - Derksen

The past two days, we've had the privilege of taking care of two grandchildren, a five and six year old. Because they've lived with parents who've  placed their welfare first and foremost, they trusted us, as their grandparents, when we said they could go here or do that. They didn't whine or complain when the answer to a request was no because they trusted that we knew what was best for them.

I sat under the late August sunshine and contempleted. Do I trust God like that? The dictionary defines trust as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something, to have confidence or faith in as "We can trust in God" or "Rely on your friends". It also adds that we can 'allow without fear' as in step on a plane and trust it will get us to our destination.

Is God reliable? In 2 Chronicles 14:11-12, Asa called out to the Lord before a battle with the Cushites. He said, "Help us, O Lord, for we rely on You." God struck down the Cushites. There are many stories in the Bible about the reliability of God. The Apostle John says in his book, " So we know and rely on the love God has for us." God proved Himself, over and over again, to be reliable.

 Is God truth? Throughout the new Testament, when Jesus spoke, he proclaimed the truth. He said it Himself, "I tell you the truth." History has never been able to prove Him a liar and many great men have tried. Each time, they become convinced that He is truth and there is no lie in Him.

Does God have ability and strength? The Bible records numerous accounts of God's ability to annialate entire armies, to rain fire down from heaven, and guide over a million people through the desert, protecting them from Pharoah's army. Many strong nations feared the Israelites because the Lord's strength went with them. People who did not know God, knew of His great power.

The Bible is filled with accounts of God's truth, ability, strength, and reliability. When I do a word search for any of these characteristics, I find all the proof I need that God does possess all those traits and more. Then why is it...why do I find it so trust Him?

Trust in 2011 is different than it was in the late 1800's. Then people relied...had to...on each other. They trusted that the person they relied on would not disappoint them...would look out for them, because one day, that person would need them too.  The pioneers were self-reliant...up to a point. First, they relied on God.

Today, we are so self-reliant that we don't need our neighbors, or God. And yet, God is reliable...governments are not. God is truth...people lie and politicians are the best example of someone who can't be trusted. God has ability beyond our needs and His strength can move the heart of the hardest decision maker.

Yet I have to work at placing my unconditional trust in Him. Stepping through a door that He's opened is scary. Why is that? When He asks me to write a certain piece, I argue, do the Moses thing, and then grudgingly give in. I cannot see the need but He can so I keep my ears open for word that He's touched people through the finished product...just to make sure I heard Him correctly.

Trust is the absense of worry. It is joy in the midst of disaster and patience in the midst of waiting. Trust is not amazed when God walks into our lives. Trust expects. When I am stumped...when a part of my story is not coming is watching God place me in situations so I can show His character shining through my protagonist. Trust is stepping off my comfortable garden path and over the edge of a cliff into His waiting arms. Lord, help my trust in You in whatever I do, but especially when I write.

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Peter Black said...

Barbara Ann, "trust" -- this is always a timely subject for us, at any and every stage of our lives, isn't it?
I specially like your concluding paragraph and how you wrap up this piece.

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