Monday, September 05, 2011

A Both/And Path to Truth - Arends

My newest Christianity Today column was in the August issue and went online August 15thI'd love to hear about your interaction with it -- I worked to express something here I've been trying to articulate for a long while, but found it surprisingly difficult to get the ideas across. How'd I do? Does this spark anything for you?

A Both/And Path to Truth
Why the narrow way to faith is also expansive.


Peter Black said...

I believe you have made your point very well. For several decades now I've become increasingly aware of the value of various traditions, any one of which is incomplete without the others.
The contemplative, activist / socially intervening, Scripturally sound, and Spirit-filled life lived in grace and holiness is what we are called to. It is a call to wholeness and whole-life living, because we are "in Christ" and Christ is in us, our present and living "hope of glory."

Violet said...

Carolyn, I think you've succeeded brilliantly. Your thesis reminds me of conversation I saw in a John Piper interview of Rick Warren where Warren (questioned on seemingly contradictory aspects of the Gospel) said something like, I have no problem with taking a both/and position.

Personally, I've grappled with these things in writing my Daily Devos. When I chose to base them on the daily reading guide put out by the Canadian Bible Society I took the matter of what is read out of my control. It has forced me to deal with topics that I'd rather not delve into because they are not politically correct, doctrinally controversial, or just plain difficult. Very stretching.

I also love how you describe the reactions of the various denominational types. So true!

Carolyn Arends said...

Thanks, Peter and Violet. It sounds like you've both wrestled with these realities in very kindred ways. It's nice to find fellow travelers on the journey! :-)

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