Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A Stitch In Time – Lawrence

There is nothing like an imminent event to spur one on to finish jobs that have been waiting in the wings for some time.

We were expecting a guest to come and stay with us for a few days. The guest room doubles as a sewing room; it houses my sewing machine, on top of which there were a few sewing jobs, big and small, waiting to be done.

I have been heavily involved in writing projects but, as it happened, I was currently at a place in my assignments where they could be put aside for a while. My manuscript was completed and waiting for contributions from other authors—blurbs, endorsements and a foreword—before I could proceed.

My other writing assignments were also up to date so I could give my attention fully to my sewing projects. In actual fact, I love sewing, but there never seems to be enough time for me to fit it in to my busy day. Along with my Celtic Knot Work art, sewing shows another side of my creativity. But, as with writing, sewing needs its own time, place and reason and, now I had all three.

The main sewing job I wanted to get done was one of recycling. So, after completing some small mending tasks, I took out the two twin-size duvets that were no longer needed for people and considered how I would go about making them into small size pads that the local OSPCA could use to give some comfort to their animals.

Sewing allows one’s mind and imagination some freedom to roam in many areas. While one is sewing a straight seam one’s mind can think up new writing ideas, one’s soul can pray for people in need, and one’s heart can remember with gratitude and thanksgiving all those things, people and events for which one is, in fact, grateful and thankful.

Stitching up a seam helps me to let go of anxieties and worries and let God take over my life one stitch at a time. And, at the end of my recent sewing extravaganza, I had a clean and tidy room for our guest’s arrival as well as eight small pads on which some homeless animals could get a modicum of comfort.

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Peter Black said...

I think that in this piece you reveal more facets of your creative and practical, compassionate and poetical, and joyfully spiritual being.
A delightful read.

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