Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Story, His Story - Rose McCormick Brandon

In 2001 tech stock values plummeted. Soon afterward terrorists struck the twin towers in New York City. These two events devastated the financial sector. The previous year my husband’s investment business had become successful enough for me to leave my position in a small church office. But before I could ponder what to do with my free time, consequences from these incidents threatened our income and I decided to re-enter the workforce.

I checked an on-line job board and found a government-funded organization that needed a part-time administrative assistant. Able to type a minimum of 75 words per minute the ad read. In my resume I felt tempted to state - not only can I type more than 75 wpm, I can do it while talking, eating, feeding babies and answering the phone. After tests and interviews I was hired.

That’s how I met Anne.

During our second week working together, Anne confided that her son, away at university, had contracted an illness that doctors were unable to diagnose. Through tears she said, “He’s so sick he can’t attend classes and he’s afraid he won’t graduate. I worry about him day and night.”

“Would you like my friends and me to pray for him? We have a Bible study at our house this week.”

“Your friends don’t know me or my son. Do you think they would mind praying for him?”

I assured Anne that we often prayed for people we didn’t know. Our small group prayed for Anne’s son and soon after his health improved. He graduated university and went to teacher’s college. His recovery amazed Anne and she felt no qualms about sharing her miracle with our co-workers. Once, as I entered a meeting room, I heard Anne announce to staff that my prayers had healed her son. Several co-workers seated at the table said how happy they were for Anne and that they too believed in prayer.

One morning Anne came to my desk and said, “I want you to know that God brought you into my life.” World events in far away places had caused my path to intersect with Anne’s. Behind our disappointments and the seemingly random happenings in our lives God is writing His story. That He chooses to write His divine story within my ordinary life amazes me.
“The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.” Psalm 37:23 (TLB)

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Glynis said...

A beautiful and encouraging story, Rose. Thank you for sharing. God has a way of teaching us and drawing us to His heart at the perfect time (for Him!)

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