Friday, November 12, 2010

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

How are you today? I imagine you are tired after yesterday. Remembrance Day was different for you this year wasn't it? I must admit not having to make that long trek to London, was a little easier on me, too.

I know you usually like that time at the London cenotaph standing - remembering and reminiscing with your Royal Marine buddies and with the thousands of onlookers, and hundreds of parade participants filling the downtown area to capacity.

But like you said, most of 'the boys' won't be there this year, neither would Malcolm, your good friend. Not to mention the two hour trip to London was likely not a good idea after your six hour ordeal in emergency last Sunday.

So, I think you made the right decision, Dad. And we are all so thankful that you didn't just decide to stay home. When you said you would go to the school and speak with the boys and girls you made a lot of people happy. The children adored you and wasn't it funny how the questions escalated from kindergarten to grade one and then with the grade three and four classes?

I know you were particularly touched by that picture. The one that the young boy (who knew he would be absent) drew for you. You pointed out the busyness of the page and then the most touching part of the picture was that solitary flower that had the word LOVE written on it with large letters.
I appreciated the tear you shed when you told me "that's why we did it."
You and "your boys" did it for love. You fought and went into battle because of how much you loved and cared about others and your country. You found out pretty quickly that the glamour of war was not to be. But you persisted. You listened and obeyed. And you stood up and fought for what you believed in. You loved Mom. You loved your new life with her. You loved the thought that one day you would be a father.

I also wanted to thank you for holding my hand as we remained silent during the two minutes of silence - remembering together. My remembering must have been so different than yours. I know you rarely talk about what happened when you served overseas. I understand. Your private thoughts are between you and God. He hears our groanings and attends to our souls. I hope you felt His presence. I know I sure did.
In my moments of silence I did my best to keep my thoughts captive and to think about all the brave men and women who died in the line of duty, serving their country in so many ways. But most of all I gave thanks for you, Dad. I thought of Mom and remembered how much I miss her. Do you remember when I squeezed your hand during the silence? That was when I was thinking how proud I was of you. I gave thanks to God that you, my 84 year old Daddy, are still alive and that you once again, gave of yourself as you visited and shared with those wonderful, students yesterday morning.

Lest we forget, Dad. We will remember them. We WILL remember them. I love you Dad. Glynis xxx P.S. I hope you like the the few photographs I sent along?


Peter Black said...

Thank you Glynis for making it possible for us to be a silent audience to your very touching and intimate expression of gratitude to your dad and his wartime service to us all.
His presence and story shared with those children will surely be something they will never forget.
War and Love, not exactly bosom buddies, but thank God that times are when they are found in the same place!

Eleanor Shepherd said...

Glynis, this is beautiful. It is so touching and captures the real essence of what Remembrance Day is all about. Are you pubishing it somewhere. It needs to get out.
Thanks for sharing it this way.

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