Friday, October 15, 2010

Hard to Hug in a Hard Hat - MANN

As I begin my blog today, my heart is warmed as I watch the Chilean Mine Rescue and see the men step out of the capsule and walk into the waiting arms of their families. As much as I enjoy observing the families unite, I am amused as people embrace wearing their hard hats. It’s hard to hug in a hard hat, but it’s more important to get the hug than hang on to the hat. The warmth and security of relationship is sufficient.

Into this world-awakening event, a family member announces her plan to travel to Poland for MS Liberation Surgery and again, I see courage and the importance of stepping out of one position into a new one, to do what might seem to some as impossible. Yet, strong support and personal faith is enough.

And as Ruth Coghill interviews me for her radio show about the importance of finding a secure footing in the journey of grief, we focus on the importance of applying God’s word in practical ways, as we step from brokenness to recovery. Again the warming of the heart in relationship is apparent.

“What is the center of warmth in your home?” is a question we often ask in Small Group ministries as we begin conversation. Responses such as 'my favourite chair with my knitting', or 'sitting at the kitchen table looking over the garden'. Sometimes it’s 'in the still of the night, while reciting the 23rd Psalm'. When life is in turmoil, it can be difficult to find the peace sufficient to experience necessary warmth, yet we attempt to discover a way.

My cat, Stormy, strives to find a place of warmth and comfort in a changing world of frosty mornings and her favourite frog pond now covered with leaves. So, she seeks out the top of the fireplace warmed by a very small pilot-light to provide the warmth she needs for her little body. In the chilling winds of loss, uncertainty, doubt or fear, I like the thought of being lifted above earthly activity to observe from a position of comfort. I may not be able to find a place as Stormy does, but I enjoy thinking about possibilities. Belonging and relationship often provide the buffer to rise over that which might consume and gives the opportunity to find solace and a sense of warmth wherever we are.

“Lord, you have searched me and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways.” Psalm 139 1-3

May all of you who read this blog, find a special place of warmth and belonging today.
Donna Mann
Aggie's Dream launched September 30th (sequel to Aggie's Storms).


Peter Black said...

Thanks Donna, for this heartwarming post.
I felt as though I got a gentle hug from each scenario you describe.

Eleanor Shepherd said...

I agree with Peter's comment. There is a real warmth that comes through in this piece.
Thanks so much.

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