Monday, October 25, 2010

Be Faithful to do your Part - Brandon

One day while out for walk I passed several rows of well lived in townhouses. Dandelions had taken over the front yards, most lawns hadn’t seen a mower for some time. In the midst of this uncared-for complex, an elderly woman sat on a stool. From it, she reached into her stunning small flower bed. She mixed fertilizer and poured water from a pail. Each plant received a liberal drink. A little pile of recently pulled weeds filled another pail.

She smiled up at me from under her broad-brimmed hat. “Nice day.”

“You’re making it a lot nicer,” I said and stopped to compliment her bed of roses and perennials.

“Just doing my part,” she said and I walked on.

Many people live in plots on the planet that no one would choose, if choices existed. If everyone “did their part” to decorate their space, as this woman is, it would transform many ugly corners, places that tell the world by their neglect, that sad, uncaring, discouraged or slothful people live there.

It’s easy to sink into our surroundings and take the attitude that if no one else cares, why should I? This woman could’ve easily spent her days in resentment but she decided to plant a flower garden instead. She, and people like her, are my heroes. When I get discouraged, I think of them, diligently tilling the earth, or doing some other worthwhile project.

Through them I hear God speak to me – “Be faithful to do your part.”

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Peter Black said...

Thank you, Rose.
You speak to, and encourage, me in this article. My wife and I were recently brought to a similar situation and conclusion, in which we affirmed our commitment to continue in a path that "makes a difference," despite discouraging elements.

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