Monday, November 09, 2009

Why I Like Facebook — den Boer

When facebook first came out I knew it wasn’t for me. I heard much about facebook—as a time waster, and place for gossip, hate mongering and spying. Besides facebook was for young people who would probably grow up and leave it behind.

When I became the author of a book, I was told facebook was an excellent networking tool, a necessity and well worth the time spent. I joined thinking I could always un-join.

I’ve been a member for several months now and have 194 facebook friends. I like facebook. I’ve connected with friends from high school, and from previous churches in previous communities. I’ve connected with writer friends, and toastmaster friends.
Facebook is a great place to throw out ideas for immediate response.
Facebook is also good as a YouTube filter. YouTube postings by my friends are usually worth watching.
I know I don’t use facebook to its full capability. I don’t even know enough about facebook to get upset when the format changes. I didn’t join the 75,570 members of the I hate the new facebook site, or the 642,390 members of the Please give us our old news feed back, because I hardly recognize the difference.
I have noticed facebook is best suited to either the one-faced or the superficial. Two-facedness is next to impossible. A facebook profile gives all your friends the same picture. Some people handle this by only posting the mundane. Some major in a single area. Some never post. And some say whatever occurs to them, whenever they feel like it. Transparent honesty works best for me.

If you have sentiments about facebook, you might enjoy this YouTube goody posted by one of my facebook friends.


Peter Black said...

Although I just peek and sometimes piggy-back on my wife's facebook account, I can see your point that facebook "is best suited to either the one-faced or the superficial."
Certainly, the medium can be and is used to much good effect. (Hmm, but I think I'll still linger in the shadows, for now):)

Marian said...

Why linger? From what I heard from you, you are a very one-faced person.

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