Thursday, November 12, 2009

Writer ... Are you leaving cash sitting on the table? - Denyse O'Leary

I just got my yearly Access Copyright fee, and it was for over $600.

These payments cover the use of your work by MUSH institutions (= Municipalities, Universities, Schools, and Hospitals).

Basically, many of these institutions do not have the staff or the interest to try to chase you down to ask for permission. So they just use your work and never tell you - or you can belong to Access Copyright.

Now, to qualify, you really need to be a published periodical writer, not just an aspirant. But if "writer" is who you are, why leave the cash sitting on the table? Your family would probably prefer you didn't.

Note: I teach business at Write! Canada, so if you see me there in 2010, chances are I am teaching some business thing. Ask me about writing as a business.

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Peter Black said...

Again, your expertise and experience brings to our attention insights and opportunities for the writer's enhancement and good.
I didn't think I qualified for Access Copyright, but, hey, maybe ... Hmm, might be worth checking out.

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