Monday, October 19, 2009

Gap tooth creationist moron flunks superstition test - Denyse O'Leary

Even though I am not a creationist by any reasonable definition, I sometimes get pegged as the local gap tooth creationist moron. (But then I don't have gaps in my teeth either. Check unretouched photos.)

As the best gap tooth they could come up with, a local TV station interviewed me about "superstition" the other day.

The issue turned out to be superstition related to numbers. Were they hoping I'd fall in?

The skinny: Some local people want their house numbers changed because they feel the current number assignment is "unlucky."

Look, guys, numbers here are assigned on a strict directional rota. If the number bugs you so much, move.

Don't mess up the street directory for everyone else. Paramedics, fire chiefs, police chiefs, et cetera, might need a directory they can make sense of. You might be glad for that yourself one day.

Anyway, I didn't get a chance to say this on the program so I will now: No numbers are evil or unlucky. All numbers are - in my view - created by God to march in a strict series or else a discoverable* series, and that is what makes mathematics possible. And mathematics is evidence for design, not superstition.

The interview may never have aired. I tend to flub the gap-tooth creationist moron role, so interviews with me are often not aired.

* I am thinking here of numbers like pi, that just go on and on and never shut up, but you can work with them anyway.(You just decide where you want to cut the mike.)

Denyse O'Leary is co-author of The Spiritual Brain.


Marian said...

Keep up the good work. Someday the media may come to you because they respect your integrity and knowledge of the truth.

Peter Black said...

Hear! Hear! Marian.
May that day come soon.
Thank you, Denyse.

Glynis said...

Hi Denyse. You are such a great resource person with a God agenda and I love it! Great thoughts. Triskadekaphobia can be crippling! (I think I spelled that correctly) Grin.

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