Tuesday, May 26, 2009

INVITE GOD - Bob Scott

"Today God is reaching down. It is no longer about Him coming down but about our reaching up and responding." – Pastor Steve Gray, World Revival Church

I believe that the perception of most church-goers is that we should be working harder to increase the number of people who attend our services every week. Many of us come from a time when the pews were filled, or almost so, every Sunday. But I doubt that a large turn-out, on its own, will bring any lasting results.

Faith in God has declined. The church has become less important to more and more individuals. Christianity is perceived as something for past generations but “not for us.” For many it is promising a place to go “if you die today.” But that is of no use if you plan to continue living in this world of ours.

The difficulty of establishing a vital faith increases when we stop calling God into our lives. It is disastrous if we stop reaching out to Him and inviting Him to impact our world. We can see the results of not asking Him to be central in our society.

We went through an era when it was proclaimed that God was dead. The real problem, then and now, is that God is unemployed. If we fail to look to Him to be part of everything we do, we are missing the great blessings He offers here and now. A helping hand is held out to a needy world. Grasp it firmly and we will see changes, not just in our experience of worship. The wisdom of reaching out to God for today will be confirmed in the changed lives that we will experience.

"Rip the heavens apart! Come down, LORD; make the mountains tremble." - Isaiah 64:1 CEV

Robert Scott is a pastor and the author of ADVERTISING MURDER, LOST YOUTH and MURDER EXPRESS, titles in the Jack Elton Mystery series, Published by AVALON Books, New York


Peter Black said...

Hello Bob,
You've brought a strong challenge here, and a very interesting point in the phrase, "The real problem, then and now, is that God is unemployed."
Thank you for faithfully stirring the spiritual pot.

Linda Wegner said...

Thanks, Bob. This was rich fodder and in line with the messages we've been hearing Sunday mornings.

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