Monday, May 25, 2009


Now that it's spring, many of us are pruning shrubs, pulling out weeds, and planting flowers. As spring schedules give way to summer freedom, we will more chances to think about another kind of pruning: pruning our lives.

Many times, our lives becomes cluttered with weeds and suckers that detract from our main purpose. These things may be part of what God has called others to do, but for us, they may be distractions.

So, instead of writing a long post, I'm going to ask you to think and pray about what planting and pruning you'd like to do in your garden and in your life this season.

Blessings and Happy Gardening.

Jane HZ

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Peter Black said...

Hi Jane,
Scarcity of words hasn't at all diminished the scope and value of this piece. Your simple challenge to us (final paragraph) has the potential to open a world of personal adjustment and growth.

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