Friday, May 29, 2009

Write & publish shorts for kids - Nesdoly

Three weeks from today (June 19th), I'll be at Write! Canada. By now I will have reunited with friends I met when I came to the Write! Canada conference in 2004. Hopefully I'll also have come face to face with other friends whom up to now I've only chatted with online. I'll be in the thick of stimulating classes and workshops. And on that Friday, I'll be anticipating then looking back on the workshop I'm scheduled to teach.

If you're also coming to Write! Canada, you have doubtless pored over all the goodies offered in classes and workshops. If you're a children's writer, this is my personal invitation to attend "Writing for the Children's and Young Adult Christian Market."

Here's how it's described on the Write! Canada website:

A3: Writing for children consists of more than dreaming up the next Veggie Tale picture book, Faithgirlz™ series or Narnia-style fantasy. In this workshop we’ll discuss six types of short writing for children: devotions, articles, puzzles, stories, activities, and poems. Children’s magazines, Sunday School papers, and Web sites have lots of little spaces to fill. Learn to write a variety of short pieces in a lively, interesting, and fun-filled way to improve your chances of getting published. Lots of examples and marketing suggestions will be provided.

"Oh," you say, "but I don't want to write short stories, articles and fillers. I want to write books."

Sure you do. But you also want to get published, don't you? It's way easier to get a short story or article published in a magazine than in an expensive-to-produce picture book. And do you realize that credits for publications in periodicals can be a step toward your goal? Not only do they look good on your resumé, but such writing gives you experience and credibility with editors, a portfolio of clips, not to speak of a little cash to splurge on the newest latte at Tim's.

Even Jon Bard, editor of Children's Book Insider, agrees with me!

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