Monday, April 27, 2009

Hope in a Hurry

It's a scary world, have you heard? Swine flu, pirates, shootings, wars, and rumors of wars.

I admit, my knee jerk reaction to all this bad news is get upset. Turn to my husband and say, "Did you know how bad it is? Has anyone told you? Let me tell you how bad it is!"

One good thing about being married to a pastor is that I have instant access to calm sanity and spiritual enlightenment. Sorta Jesus-advice on tap. When I get rankled by incessant fears surrounding us all, I'm able to snuggle up to my pastor and say, "Help me feel better, please."

And he does. He prays - for the situation, but also for me. That I would more fully embrace the peace that Christ holds out to me. Crazy Jesus peace that defies circumstances and fears. And just like that, I do feel better.

Every one of us faces moments when life seems too out of control, too big and hairy for us to face. A deadline we can't meet, a sick child or parent, a relationship on the rocks, an accident, whatever it is. But Jesus promises us that as long as we build our house (our life - this one and the one we spend in eternity) on the foundation of His truth, our house will not fall. Battered - yes, it will be battered (the bible says the wind blew and slammed against the house), but we will not fall. Jesus holds us up, hold us together, holds us close.

You may not have a pastor in your house, but you have the Holy Spirit who guides, teaches, instructs, and points to Jesus. You have hope in a hurry when you build your life on the foundation of Jesus.

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