Friday, April 24, 2009

Under God’s Guidance - Lawrence

On April 27th 2007 my blog on this site began with the words, “Writing is such a thrill isn’t it? It’s full of highs and lows, thrills and disappointments, agony and ecstasy. In a moment, our hopes and dreams become devastation and nightmares before turning once again to joy and exhilaration.”

When things don’t go exactly as we had planned or when things don’t go as we had envisioned, it is wise to take a prayerful second look at what God is asking of us. We may have had a good run of published novels and we wonder why the one we are writing now is causing us so much difficulty. We may have been writing regular articles in a magazine or in a particular style but suddenly they just feel stale. Perhaps the regular market for our work has dried up or we are not getting the same thrill from writing for it as we used to. Instead of being discouraged over this time of apparent writer’s block, why not take a little time in prayer to see if God is asking you to do something different?

Last year in May, I went to St. John’s Convent in Toronto for a retreat about prayer and the labyrinth. Through walking the labyrinth and through art work, we were led to search for what God was revealing to us about the next step in our lives. I was shown that my writing could make better use of advancing technology and that I didn’t need to limit to book form only, my telling of God’s love. Though, I must say, I do like to see my meditations in the finished book form.

Over the past year I have continued to put my meditations about God in text form on my website and in November 2008 I began to record them also. In April of this year, I put what I learned from the book, “Podcast for Dummies”, to good use and added some recorded music to my new meditation. What joy and excitement I feel in learning and doing new things. God is the great Creator and encourages us to be co-creators with him. At present, I am putting some of my poems and meditations on a CD to give as gifts—you’re never too old to learn something new.

I am amazed at what God does for us and through us if we keep our ears open to his leading. It is easy to stay in a familiar zone but if you are feeling disheartened, discouraged or dissatisfied with that zone look to God to see if there is something new that he would have you do.

© Judith Lawrence

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Jane Harris Zsovan (Jane Harris) said...

Love this!

Peter Black said...

Your launching out into new methods and means of sharing your gifts with others is an inspiration. May blessing be multiplied over and again as your audience reads and hears your devotional creations.

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