Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What is Our Writing Worth? - Dawson

Sometimes I find myself wondering if my writing really matters. Did God really call me to this task or was it simple vanity? And then someone comes across my path in answer to my doubts. Recently I had a gentleman—an ex-biker, ex-gang leader—email me and ask for my opinion on his autobiography. At first, I was overwhelmed by the twisting road that God had led him down just to find me. And then I was humbled by the realization that this man has a tremendous story to tell and God sent it my way to edit. I'm not an editor. At least that's what I keep telling God. He simply reminded me that he called me to write for him and that my writing is a tool he will use to tell this man's tale. As I began to read Michael's manuscript—as I dove into the mind of an underworld leader—I began to see that my writing is of value and that God truly did call me to write for him.

It's very easy to get caught up in the isolation and loneliness that comes with being a writer. And it's equally easy to count the pennies. (I tend to believe that it was a writer who coined the phrase 'starving artist') But what of the eternal recompense? What of the soul that is yanked from hell's door because of a simple turn of phrase we have shared? What is that worth?

As I draw to a close on the editing of Michael's life story—a story that takes a young man to a hell on earth—a story of God's redeeming love that lifts that young man from his personal torment—I am again reminded that the sacrifices that come with being a writer are but a pittance compared to the rewards of being part of such a great ministry. We are writers. Manipulators of words. It is a heady and a weighty calling. One that most definitely matters.

Donna Fawcett writing as Donna Dawson
Writing instructor/Fanshawe College, London, Ontario
author of Fires of Fury, Vengeance, The Adam & Eve Project, The Quinces and Redeemed
"You would do very well to read Fires of Fury by Ms. Donna Dawson, for it is a book that inspires along with entertaining!"review by Rob Shelsky


Tor Hershman said...
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Peter Black said...

Thank you Donna for this piece. You remind others of us that our writing endeavours are not an end in themselves; rather, they serve higher ends than we can even imagine, by the grace of God.

violet said...

People are moved by all kinds of books - novels like you write, and life stories like you've just edited. Only eternity will really reveal the worth of what any of us have written. May we all be pleasantly surprised.

Belinda said...

Every word that God gives you matters Donna, but it's so easy to doubt, as you said. I'm glad God showed you the truth. May he bless the work of your fingers on the keyboard.

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