Friday, February 06, 2009

What's In Front of You?

I went for a walk Monday. My goal, as I pushed my boots through the slush and did mini-skates on patches of ice, was revising my business plan. No, I wasn't going heading to the accountant's office. I wasn't meeting a business consultant for tea at Tim's.

I was running errands. While I was at it I decided to chat with the 'ultimate business advisor.' I had a few questions for him. Questions like: "You do know that the plan I wrote last year, with your help, makes no sense in a recession?" and "Is this some kind of bad joke?"

My Business Advisor didn't shout back advice. Nor did angels apppear on the road with a gold encrusted plan for me. But one little sentence popped into my head, "Do What Is In Front of Front of You."

I won't bore you with what I saw in front of me, although it did include a messy desk and phone calls I had to return. But I will say that within the hour, I had a new plan along with a completed errand list.

Does your business plan need revising? Get yourself out into the sunshine and have a prayerful chat with your unseen business advisor. Do what is in front of you.

Jane Harris Zsovan writes in both mainstream in Canadian publications about faith, business, arts, and contemporary Canada. She is the author of Stars Appearing: The Galts' Vision of Canada. She contributed "Jessie's Generation: Canada's Firebrands of Mercy and Justice" to Hot Apple Cider: Stories to Warm the Heart and Stir the Soul. Jane writes Vision of Canada Blog, on contemporary and historical Canada.

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