Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Year Older - Meyer

As the 17th of December turned quietly into the 18th, I was frantically trying to finish the editing on my upcoming novel, The Little Ones, which was a finalist in the Word Alive! 2008 publishing contest and will, Lord willing, be published in 2009. (draft of cover is to the left).
By four in the morning, I needed to quit and get some sleep. All nighters are for the young! And now that the big 5-0 is officially behind me, my doctor is advising regular checkups. "Your body is wearing out," he cheerfully informed me just yesterday.
But I can honestly say that I've never felt healthier or happier in my life. It's been a wonderful year.
And I loved being 50. It was especially fun to think about being one half of a century old since my oldest son was one quarter of a century and had a son less than one year old. Then a month ago, my middle son turned one quarter of a century (the two boys are 14 months apart) and his son was born last April. Oh, and if I don't have you thoroughly confused by now, let me add in that my husband is also 50 years old. So with all of birthdays and births coinciding quite nicely, we were able to get a photo of my husband at 1/2 century, my son at 1/4 of a century and my grandson just starting off. We're hoping to get a photo at Christmas of my husband, our middle son and our second grandson who will have the same "stats."
Here is a photo of John, Steve and Seven (now you know why I didn't mention names when reciting all the numbers above!)
There have been other births this year - the "birth" of my publishing company: Goldrock Press and also of three new books: Meet Manitoba Children's Authors, The Voice Behind the Mask and Pilot Error.
I'd set a goal of losing 50 pounds in my 50th year but only lost 40, so I'll be setting some new goals after Christmas (NO ONE diets at Christmas!)
So, another year older, and a new one just begun.
Hope your new year is filled with great joy!
May the Lord bless each one of you,

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