Monday, December 01, 2008

Elijah Syndrome - Meyer

Audrey Guiboche, Brenda Fontaine, Angela Singh, Dana Coates and M. D. Meyer

I don't know that it is always necessarily this way but it does seem sometimes as if great "mountain top experiences" are followed by moments (or days or weeks) in the valley.

I arrived home yesterday from Winnipeg and our wonderful double book launch of Northern Writers volume 1, an anthology, and Pilot Error, a children's chapter book. It was a lot of fun and a great success. But after the 9-hour trip home yesterday, I jumped right back into work and now... Well, I feel a bit down. Not quite as bad as Elijah - he was really depressed! (read 1 Kings, 19th chapter) but a little on the down side nonetheless.

Recently, our pastor spoke about the experiences of Elijah after his great victory on Mount Carmel. God had answered his prayer in such a wonderfully miraculous way but then Elijah hit that period of depression afterwards. What our pastor spoke about was the practical needs we have as human beings for food, water and rest. A big part of Elijah's problem was that he was just plain tired. When God ministered to him, the first thing He did was to provide food and water for him. And Elijah got some much needed sleep.
And so today, I leave you with no great words of wisdom but just some very practical advice that we all need to hear sometimes and maybe particularily as we near the always extremely busy Christmas season. Take time to rest when you need it. Eat nutritious food. Drink enough water to keep your body healthy.

And now I think I'll go take my own advice...

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