Monday, October 29, 2007

Oh Baby!

The mandate of this blog is writing - Canadian Authors Who Are Chrstian - so how do I reconcile the amazing events of the past few days with writing? How can a bustingly proud grandmother get away with using words like bustingly and talking about the miracle of life without sounding cliched? How can I make this experience new? When I tell people, how can they not respond to the wonder and amazement in my voice and so visible on my face? But I've gotten condescending smiles and knowing nods. The same condescending smiles and knowing looks I've given to other new grandparents. Now that I am solidly placed in this new adventure of grandmotherhood, I understand. But my struggle is, after being on both sides of the equation, how can I build this world, using my experiences, and create a space people want to be? To make a clumsy extension, how can I, as a grandmother who is also a Christian and a writer, bring others into the place I am? Redeemed by Christ and saved by Him. This is my challenge. But for now, sorry, grandmotherhood is dominating my life and you will look at a picture of this precious little life.


Marci said...

Whoohooo - congratulations, Carolyne - gorgeous baby! And I'm not just saying this so you can reciprocate some day when I become a grandma too!
Bless you all.

Carolyn Arends said...

Sometimes a picture is worth a couple thousand words .... Congratulations!

Dorene Meyer said...

Yes, congratulations!
I was totally astounded too when my first grandchild totally turned my world upsidedown! I never could have imagined that she would create such overwhelming feelings of love and joy. Now I have a grandson too and am looking forward to getting to know him. And yes, like you, "grandmother" now comes before "writer" in my personal description of myself. When my grandchildren come over to visit, nothing else is important -nothing else gets done!
Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective), they are not with us 24-7 so we grandmotherly writers do eventually get some writing done!

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