Monday, October 08, 2007

Down With Mediocrity! -- Hovsepian

Imagine, for a moment, that you are an aspiring artist and a wealthy, influential and generous individual notices your great talent and potential. He pays for your enrolment at the best art school, introduces you to some of the greatest artists of our time, buys the highest quality materials and equipment for you, and ensures spots for your work at the most prestigious galleries and museums! Everything you need is at your disposal.
Now, imagine you only attend some of your classes, you respond to very few invitations to mingle with the other artists, you keep most of your supplies in your cupboard — unused, if opened — and you occasionally, half-heartedly produce some artwork.
And then you complain that you’re bored, unhappy, and dissatisfied, that nobody appreciates your talent, and that people are extremely harsh or judgmental about your work.
Yes, that’s a rather exaggerated and ridiculous scenario. However, I can’t help but think that it is exactly how a great many of us live our Christian lives.
As we are reminded this month (in Canada) to give thanks, I think it’s important to acknowledge just how much God has blessed us with — not just the quantity of “things” He provides in our daily lives, but the quality of His gifts… His sacrifice on the cross, His unconditional and endless love, His immeasurable grace and mercy.
God holds nothing back from us so how is it that we are so stingy with Him? How can we claim we are thankful to Him, that we appreciate His blessings, when we do so little with what He pours into our lives?
It amazes me how quick we are to make excuses for not attending church, for not giving our tithes and offerings, for not serving, for not giving of our time, for not reaching out to the needy, for not evangelizing, for not studying the Bible, for not spending more time in prayer.
And that’s just in our spiritual lives! I think we settle for mediocrity in our relationships, in our work, in caring for our bodies and so much more.
Imagine what you can become if you allow God to transform you, if you fully use His gifts and blessings. Imagine a life that’s not mediocre. Now live it!

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