Monday, August 27, 2007

Waiting - Grove

So I made this decision. Suddenly and without warning I changed careers. It happened one day when the Evaluation Consultant on my previous job asked me what I was going to do once my contract was finished.

Without hesitation I replied, "I'm going to write books." There were three people in the room -me, my boss, and the consultant. We all looked startled. I had said something I had never meant to say, didn't know I could say. I'm going to write books.

Fine and dandy, that. Now, what was I going to write? At the time I was developing and writing a strength based program. It made sense that I could turn my expertise in that area into a self help book. Great! While the idea of writing was still stunning, at least now I had an inkling of a plan.

A few weeks later I walked into a clergy conference (my husband is a pastor) that I did not really want to be at. In fact, I could not see what the purpose was for us being there. Then I ran smack into the chief editor of Nazarene Publishing House. It turned out he was a lovely man to chat with. When I mentioned my book he seemed very interested. He asked me several, rapid fire questions about the book. I offered concise, rapid fire answers. He smiled and asked me to send him a book proposal.

Book proposal? What the heck is that? "Uh, yes, I will get that right to you, sir!" I said.
I did some serious research (a wonderful skill that we should all take time to develop is the ability to research - it is amazing to be able to find answers to questions and be confident that you have looked in the right places). I wrote a proposal and sent it to his personal e-mail - ON TIME! He promptly wrote back that he received it and would send it on to the director with his endorsement.

That was May 1. I am still waiting. I recently checked my handy 2007 edition of The Christian Writers Market. It tells me that Beacon Hill Press (which is a division of Nazarene Publishing House) takes up to five months to respond to proposals.

I may not hear anything until November.

I hate waiting.

More than that, I am not good at waiting. It is a skill I have yet to acquire, learn, and appreciate. I observe patience with impatience.

But, I wait.

What choice do I have?

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