Friday, August 10, 2007

Freelance Book Doctor - Lear

We've invited Krysia Lear to be a guest blogger today. While not technically an author, Krysia has worked with a number of books.

In my first year of editing, I worked for a denominational magazine as a mechanic correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar - the mechanics of writing.

That intensified my training as a copy editor.

Subsequently, I've been a newsletter editor, a magazine editor, and a book editor, as well as a journalist and business writer. Today I'm a freelance editor/ book doctor who wants to do some PR for my "tribe."

Let's talk myths and misunderstandings.

Not all editors work for magazines, websites, or book publishers. Not all editors commission articles or books. Breaking that news to an aspiring author at a writers' conference isn't always easy.

But freelance editors are writers' ally. We work with you to make your book, article, website, manual, or (fill in the blank ______) clearer, more compelling, more informative or more entertaining. And more publishable. We even help you free ideas locked in the recesses of your inner writer.

We advocate for your reader and provide an objective view of the work, along with a knowledge of industry expectations.

We don't set out to slash your manuscript with a red pen, leaving "blood on the floor" as one friend wailed. Editors are on your side. We want you to realize your vision. We enjoy good ideas, good thinking, and good writing.

And let's be honest. No matter what colour we use or how few changes we made, wouldn't the result always be disconcerting?

I'll admit that we can be - well - "through." "Direct" is another possibility. But thankfully some writers appreciate that. A client wrote about me to a mutual friend saying, "I just like her polite critical analysis."

Nor do editors only hunt for misplaced commas and factual errors. Editors mechanics, sort out problems with organization, flow, clarity, consistency readability, style and formatting.

Krysia Lear
The Editorial Suite

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