Friday, May 25, 2007

That Author on a Motorcycle

I was talking to a bookstore owner regarding an article that I was planning to write about their store. She requested that I also talk to her partner. “Just tell her you’re that author on a motorcycle.”

Besides traveling around to bookstores, my husband and I motorcycle for the sheer pleasure of the ride. Every spring, the open road calls our names and the first ride of the season is always the best.

Though it’s not everyone’s idea of a relaxing time, riding behind my husband on the back of our 1982 Goldwing is an incredibly restful experience for me.

My very best writing occurs on the back of that motorcycle for, as most authors know, the best “writing” comes before the pen hits the paper. We don’t have intercoms on our bike so, if my husband and I wish to communicate, we have to shout our messages to each other. Most of the time, we are content to watch the scenery go by in silence.

Free from all responsibilities, I write dialogue, work out plot structure, craft poems and plan articles. My mind becomes saturated with wonderful words as they flow unhindered and uninterrupted over the miles.

We usually haul a trailer behind our bike, full of camping gear – and books. On one of our longer trips, the weight of my books bent the trailer axle. With the number of books increasing rather than decreasing each year, my husband, one of those people who can fix anything, found a way to reinforce the trailer frame so that it can carry more weight.

There is a message on the back of our trailer proudly declaring that we are “Grandma and Grandpa.” If you see our maroon bike and trailer on the highway, wave and we’ll wave back – at least my husband will. If you want to draw my attention away from word crafting and sentence structure, you might have to beep your horn - and then wave!

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