Friday, August 17, 2018

Secret to a Good Day by SUSAN HARRIS

For years now the first words I utter as I open my eyes are, "Lord, I ask for a peaceful and productive day." And without fail, I've experienced peace and productivity, contentment and achievement. 
People, especially co-workers, often asked what was my secret to being calm and smiling in environments that drained many.  I’d tell them what it was, and then something odd would happen—my day would take a downswing and I’d begin to lose my joy. It’s as if Satan got busy, and my peace and productivity was attacked. 
So I did the very “scriptural” thing when asked—refrained from divulging my prayer, and just smile and shrug. But this pretty cool response was turning my spirit cold.
I decided to pray about the opposition, and for boldness to take back my peace. The Lord reinforced that the Scriptural method is that "I overcome the devil by the word of my testimony" (Revelation 12:11). The truth hooked in my spirit and I was re-affirmed to encourage others to invite Him into their day as I did. 
An old song sings: "It is no secret what God can do. What He's done for other's He'll do you." 
I'm convinced that what He does for me He'll do for others, including you.
What’s your favourite way to start your day? 

SUSAN HARRIS tries to live as a carrier of Peace. 

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Peter Black said...

Good one Susan! (Smiling) Yup, it's just like the thing for our testimony to be tested. However, praise God, He led you to that reaffirmation - a scriptural and effective path forward. Committing our lives and our day to the Lord in prayer, with thanksgiving, has been May's and my pattern from the start of our lives together (hmm, more than half a century now). ~~+~~

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