Tuesday, May 09, 2017

The Immeasurable Gift of a Mother

By Rev. Dr. Ed Hird

Image result for Lorna HirdEvery May, for the past 29 years, I have written an article about Mother’s Day, usually focusing on my own dear mom. For the first 18 years of my life, I basically took my mother for granted. I loved her, but I had no idea how hard she was working in taking care of us.
I am so grateful that my mom is still with us on planet earth.  Many of my friends don’t have that blessing of being able to pick up the phone and hear their mother’s voice, or go out to the White Spot with her for dinner.  The resilience of my mom when facing many challenges has been remarkable.  My mother, with her very strong faith, has preserved through thick and thin, for better or worse, in sickness and in health.  Mom, you are an example to the rest of your large family. We love you very much.  As I wrote for the May 2003 Deep Cove Crier, “Where would we be without our mothers?  Mothers keep the world on track.  Mothers never stop caring.  Mothers never stop giving.”
Mom, you have modelled so much good for you through your caring for and serving others.  I became a Social Worker because of the anointing that I received from you to stand up for the oppressed and disadvantage.  When I was going through teenage angst, you always deeply listened and stood with me, even though I was oblivious to your deep faith in Christ.  I know that there were time when I was a teenager when you stayed up late waiting for me to come in.  I probably helped deepen your prayer life during those times.
When our three boys were young, Mom, you were so willing to help us out, looking after them so that we could have a night off, or attend a conference.  The thousands of meals that you cooked for us over the years have always been delicious, a sign of your great love and care for your family.  Food indeed is love.
Whenever birthdays came along, Mom, you always invested so much of yourself in getting us just the right present.  Being an artist, you had that great sense of colour co-ordination when you gave us new Christmas sweaters.
You Mom, like your own mother, are a true worshipper.  Your faith has been a great inspiration to me.  Thank you, Mother, for inviting me to supper with Jesus, when I was wandering in the wilderness, lost and hungry.  I am a better person today because of that unfailing love you showed me in season and out of season. 
Your worth as a Mother is beyond measure.  You are loved, appreciated and valued not only by your son, but also by Almighty God.  He loved you enough to give his only son for you.  Words cannot express what you mean to me and to your loving family.  Happy Mother’s Day.
Rev. Dr. Ed Hird, Rector
St. Simon’s Church North Vancouver, Anglican Mission in Canada
-an article for the May 2017 Deep Cove Crier


Peter Black said...

Ed, I thank you for your heartfelt expression of love and appreciation for your mom. Your words form a great tribute to her (and remind me of my own late mom) and are a treat to read. ~~+~~

Carol Ford said...

Hi, Ed. As a mom, it is so nice to know our influence in a boy's life. I am grateful for my two fine sons.

Glynis said...

A lovely treasured tribute to your Mom, Ed. Nicely said.

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