Thursday, February 26, 2015

Inspiration in Aloneness by Glynis M. Belec

     When I need to refuel, there are three places I go – to the Word of God, to my daily planner and to the words in my ledger.  Inspiration comes to me in my aloneness.

       I wish I could be the kind of person who could go to busy malls to people watch; to libraries with wonderful treasures of inspiring words; to a coffee shop to be stirred into writing longhand while staring at the interactions of those around me and worst/best of all— I wish I could be refuelled by going outside to take in God’s amazing creation.

       I feel a little ashamed confessing that these don’t do it for me, but it’s no use kidding myself. I know they are a sure way for some to refuel. But I know my brain.

       If I were to take a few hours sitting in a mall watching people, I would be lured in by the hustle bustle and end up writing nothing more than a shopping list of things I wouldn't
mind having from this store or that. Heaven forbid I would see a ‘50% off Sale’ sign.        

     If I went to the library to be inspired, I would browse the aisles checking out all sorts of books from Charlotte’s Web to How to Shed those Extra Pounds on the New Chocolate Diet.
Then I would find a bunch of movies that I would just have to see. Then I would take out too many and end up paying my $1 a day fine on each of them.  Frustration would set in when I remember, once I unload it all at home, that I have a pile of ‘to-read’ books already at my bedside and my own DVDs are collecting dust on my shelf.
     If I tried refuelling at the local coffee shop, the only thing I would refuel is my large Apple Cinnamon tea – one bag in, one out. And then I would probably end up buying a toasted cinnamon bagel with cream cheese and maybe even an apple fritter to complement my tea (but not my figure).
     And if I dared to try to step outside to gain inspiration, I know exactly what would happen. I mean what do squirrels do outside, anyway? I would dart here there and everywhere. I would need a list of seeds I have to plant this year. I would have to plan the garden; the arrangement of the outside furniture; the tidying up of the garden shed—and that is only in my back yard. Give a squirrel a few acres to contend with and I will find myself gathering nuts and planning holidays.
      When I go to my Bible, though, I find the focus I need. God is definitely my inspiration and if I make a date with Him, then I feel like I can leap tall buildings. I try to find a scripture that pertains to whatever I am writing – Christian or otherwise.  God’s Word inspires me and calms my soul. It causes me to reflect on what and why I am writing. It also reminds me how I need to be still and trust God for every idea, notion, approach and action as it pertains to my writing. If it wasn’t for God, I couldn’t create.

      Although I may not come off as the most organized person and if one would gaze upon my desk most days it might be hard to fathom that I really do like to have all my ducks in a row. Reading through my agenda is like encourages me to forge on.  If I take it to bed with me and cross of all the things I accomplished in a day then transfer the remainder to the next day, along with a page full of other to-do tasks, I feel so good and I know the next day will be a good one. Because I am not always wont to be organized, grabbing my agenda before I leave my bedroom in the morning gives me inspiration.  I feel organized, inspired by my focus and will be ready to write –as crazy as that
    My lovely big, green ledger, is another way for me to go on feel renewed. My writing life, although I love it, has not all been sugar and spice and everything nice. I have two ledgers where I have faithfully documented 30 years of submissions,  rejections,  and published works; a running account of my writing life. Having this documentation gives me reason to go on; it shows me how hard I have worked over the years to get to where I am today. I still have a long way to go and some days my brain isn’t big enough to take in all the new ‘stuff.’ I try to get on the ball—technologically speaking, but when it comes to record keeping computer files don't cut it for me. I've tried. As I look through my old-fashioned, trusty ledgers I am reminded how God has led me on my journey. I see the odd hiatus in my writing and I remember there is a season for everything.  
       I know these likely seem cockamamie ideas to some, but to me aloneness with God, my agenda and my dusty old ledgers inspire and refuel me. Maybe not your typical way to replenish the muse, but they work for me.  

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,
 which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  
Ephesians 2:10

Glynis keeps busy being inspired by God, her old ledgers and her dog-eared agenda, but she always has time to share her passions with anyone who cares to listen. Her latest passion is her children's picture book, Galloping Gus. . At this very moment, she is preparing a Galloping Gus colouring and Activity book as a companion book for kids (of all ages!) Hers is a busy office lately. 


Peter Black said...

What an entertaining and inspiring post, Glynis!

You had me grinning as I followed you on that 'if I' journey. I see myself in some of them.
Also - great wrap-up in your last paragraph before the Scripture . . . enjoyed it.~~+~~

Susan Harris said...

I chuckled as I read your blog, Glynis. It underscores that there is no "template" and each of us respond as uniquely as we are made.

fudge4ever said...

This post really resonated with my Glynis, over and over and over! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
"It if wasn't for God, I couldn't create." Yes.
Pam M.

Adele Simmons said...

You've described the way I am inspired too, Glynis. Thank you. It's affirming. God bless you. Adele

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