Monday, November 25, 2013

Help…I Need a New Fig Leaf! by Glynis M. Belec

     So my next writing project is high on the 'better stop procrastinating and get done' list.  I've missed the Christmas deadline so now I'm thinking [hoping, praying...] for Mother's Day!  I'm especially praying that God will use this women's devotional to minister to lots of ladies (and maybe even a few fella's) 

Here is a little sampling:

“Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh…” Encouraging stories for the descendants of Eve.


      When God created woman he obviously had a plan.  Adam, tired of his one-way conversations with the beasts and birds, gladly offered a rib in exchange for his helpmate, Eve (Genesis 2:18-23).
 So what did Adam and Eve do? They blew it.  Eve listened to some two-bit, conniving creature.  In an attempt to provide a little variety to their bland, vegetarian diet and to perhaps expand her gray matter a tad, Eve became one of the founding members of life, as we know it today.         
       We could have had it easy; walking around Eden, not worrying about what to wear, eat or drink; never lifting a finger to sew, clean, cook or chase after cheeky children (they, too, would have been perfect); strolling past luscious greenery chatting to the Creator; what a paradise it could have been.
           Instead, after the fall, out came the needle and thread and the fig leaves.  Tools had to be fashioned because no longer were the perfect couple allowed to live off the land in Eden.  Squatter’s rights were relinquished.
When God banished the disobedient pair, he gave them instructions to start the process of begetting. Years passed.  Before long, the earth was filled. Although Adam and Eve made a poor choice, God still loved and cared for them. What a gracious God we serve.
It was 1986.  The time was ripe and I was ready.  Through an incredible, personal experience prompted by utter despair, I fell on my knees and became an organ donor - I gave my heart to Jesus. 
Although my problems remained, my grumpy old ‘woe is me’ attitude altered and I started to count blessings instead of burdens.  For a while, though, I moaned about all the wasted years that I could have been serving the Lord until I saw that I was wasting more time moaning about how I had wasted so much time.  
Finally, I got it.  It was then I saw Adam and Eve’s goof-up as a challenge; I determined to do better.
When I look back on my own life, though, I shake my head wondering why I chose a particular path.  At the time, I am sure I thought it was a wise choice.    
 But, just as God gave Adam and Eve another chance, He gave me another chance.  He also gave me a sense of humor and, thankfully, gave my husband and children an even better one. (My dearly beloved no longer checks the wedding certificate for the fine print.) 
A sense of humor, I have discovered over the years, can benefit both body and soul.  There’s nothing like a good chuckle to lighten the moment, diffuse tension and give the body a workout - inside and out.  In fact I read somewhere that healthy laughter can also burn calories.  Now that’s my kind of aerobics. 
            Fasten up your fig leaf and come stroll for a 

while.  Allow me to introduce you to my family and let me demonstrate how God has 

used them and other everyday situations to teach me important lessons over the years. 

Look closely. You may even see a reflection of your own life.  

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Peter Black said...

Perky and quirky as ever, Glynis -- and an enjoyable read! Hmm, I can imagine the men in your readers' lives taking a peek to check out why their "Eve" chuckles in the corner chair whenever they hold your devotional in front of their face. :) ~~+~~

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