Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Recent stories I enjoyed writing - Denyse O'Leary

Tom Wolfe at Socrates lecture where ID theorist Steve Meyer spoke? Things aren’t going so well for no design origin of species theories if celebs and celeb hounds are listening to other views.

Sunday Times calls Dawkins' autobiography "fatally smug". Losing the Times is NOT good new for arch-atheist Richard Dawkins

Genome mapping shows tunafish related to fish with completely different body shape, lifestyles Another study, linked there, shows them closer to seahorses than marlins. Maybe genetics isn;t quite what we thought.

Tom Bethell: Darwinism is a mirror image of creationism View from a veteran writer and editor

Agnostic philosopher David Stove on the unfalsifiability of Darwinism Part of the problem I deal with is that no argument will falsify no-design evolution theories, because they do not depend on evidence.

Origin of life: What has materialism done for you lately? There is actually no evidence-based reason to believe in a purely natural and accidental origin of life. All current theory is a mess.

Cool animations from Stroma Studios, including how cyanide poisons cells

Shell beads found in the middle Eastdated from 42,000 years ago

That Cambrian rabbit takes a bow, and offers his audience an irrefutability package They used to say that finding a rabbit fossil from half a billion years ago would disprove Darwinian evolution. Now, Darwinians say no, they could even account for that according to their theory. Enjoy!

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Peter Black said...

I had an enjoyable and interesting -- if not rather cursory -- romp through the links, Denyse. Thanks.
Keep up the good work -- I'm sure you will! :)

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