Friday, March 15, 2013

Zeal for Teal Penny Appeal

        Zeal for Teal, an ovarian cancer fundraiser, began in 2009 the year after I was diagnosed with the so-called disease that whispers.  Zeal for Teal was actually the brainchild of my amazingly supportive daughter, Amanda. She wanted to help. She needed to find a way to help give back and support her mama.  So she came up with the idea of holding a special scrapbooking day where we could both fundraise and help educate women about the insidious signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Zeal for Teal Executive 2010
            The idea was a hit right off the starting line. We hosted the first Zeal for Teal in the fellowship hall of our church.  The response was fantastic and we were encouraged to make this an annual event. Over the past four years, our numbers grew so we ended up having to rent the local arena. For the past couple of years we have almost reached capacity.
            As outlined in our Statement of Purpose, the original intention for Zeal for Teal [when chairpersons, Amanda and Glynis started it in 2009] was to first of all – raise awareness and inform participants and others – especially susceptible women, about the signs and symptoms and the importance of detecting ovarian cancer in the early stages. The secondary purpose of Zeal for Teal was/is to raise funds for the Sunflower Seeds team as they participate, annually, in the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope in September.
Zeal for Teal Executive 2011 (The serious side!) 
Zeal for Teal 2012 (As photogenic as ever!) 
            I know there are people out there who are likely fed up of hearing me speak about this insidious disease and how unsuspecting women can succumb without even realizing anything is amiss initially. And I know there are women who have much sadder stories than I do, but when I was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer and endured the rigours of chemotherapy, I made a pact with God. My friend actually prophesied at that time, that I would go around speaking, writing and helping other women who may one day face the same diagnosis. So because of encouragement from my friend, a promise to God and a brilliant idea of Amanda’s, Zeal for Teal will be celebrating five years on April 27.  We expect women from near and far to gather for another wonderful informative day of hope and encouragement.
            A wonderful blessing and encouragement during this year’s Zeal for Teal planning has been Johanne Robertson, Maranatha News editor, and great friend to many TWGers. She has not only spurred me into action, she had a great, practical idea.
            “How about asking each person to bring their pennies?” Johanne suggested.
            It seemed perfect. Zeal for Teal Penny Appeal. It not only rhymed - it made sense. The government is getting rid of the penny; those of us involved in Zeal for Teal want to do our part to help get rid of ovarian cancer!
            Johanne has rounded up some people and they are getting on board with her great idea. I have already been interviewed by Heidi McLaughlin and some generous folk have contacted me about their penny collection that they would like to donate to our cause. We have jars strategically placed down town Drayton and Zeal for Teal participants are being asked to bring along pennies on the big day.
            How blessed we are. One hundred percent of the Zeal for Teal Penny Appeal goes to the Sunflower Seeds Team for the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope. I am so grateful to Johanne for spearheading this and, like I said in a recent article I wrote for Maranatha News (, “…the turmoil that happened as I journeyed through the valley of cancer changed my life forever, but the people God brought into my life as a result was a blessing beyond compare…”

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, 
for those who are called according to His purpose.
Romans 8:28

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Peter Black said...

What a great story, Glynis.
As the song lyrics go, "Little is much when God is in it."
Who could have guessed that five years later so many enthusiastic friends would be on board and hundreds --(probably) thousands -- of people better informed and the work supported. Hmm, not to mention the lives touched by grace through your testimony . . . and whatever other good that continues to come from Zeal for Teal. :)

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