Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Looking forward to spring --Carolyn Wilker

 Today the snow falls again, lazy flakes that blow this way and that on their way to the ground, coating the road once again and covering the rooftops of the houses. From my office window, I see the ceramic birdhouse swinging from the eaves of the workshop, in tune with in the wind.
I ache for spring to arrive, for the snow to melt, for the first plant shoots to emerge from the ground. I’m tired of winter, though a bright sunny day in January or February, with fresh snow on the trees and ground, looks quite lovely.
Even as I write, the wind picks up and blows the snow across the yard before it clears again. If the groundhog really were a determiner of when winter ends, he is surely wrong this year. Perhaps it is that I’m tired of the cold, ready to shed winter boots and heavy coats, ready for warmth, and to put away snow shovels. Besides, the calendar says it’s spring, even if it doesn’t look like spring outdoors here yet.

 I look forward to seeing the first flower stems emerge from the ground and standing with my neighbours outdoors chatting. Except for shovelling snow, going outdoors to start up their cars and going to work, so many of them have stayed in their homes all winter. In spring, the snowbirds return too—those folks who flee to Florida for the winter months.
Solomon wrote, “Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land.”  He understood the reawakening that comes at this time of year, even if he’d never experience cold like our Canadian winter.
Spring has always been my favourite time of year, when creation is so full of promise. It’s entirely appropriate that Easter falls in the early spring. If winter is associated with sorrow, then cannot spring associate itself with rebirth and … spring fever? The kind that gets us out of our homes and in the open more freely, the time when children get out their skipping ropes and ball gloves and enjoy the sunshine on their faces. The time for adults to also feel a new spring in their step, and in tune with nature.
 Spring is coming soon, I just know it, and I’ll be ready.

Carolyn Wilker, author, editor and storyteller



Peter Black said...

Carolyn, you describe the yearning that I (and probably many of us) feel by this time of year for the kinder days of spring awakening. Delightful.
I love that portion from Song of Songs, which has long held a warm place in my heart, with its beautiful, poetic language ... sublime. :)


lynette said...

Your story reminded me of how I look forward to each season. Spring, I wait for the first buds to poke thru the ground,and the smell of the earth. Summer for the warmth, the long days,sitting out on my deck and just enjoying life. Then Fall, the gorgeous colors, warm days and cool evenings and life getting back to routine. Winter, who doesn't anticipate that first beautiful snowfall? And now I am tired of winter and eagerly awaiting for the outside to know that the calendar says Spring.:)

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