Tuesday, March 05, 2013


This will be my last blog post.

When sifting through my goals for the year and the next ten years, I am having to prioritize what I most want to do with my time. I am primarily a fiction author and I would like to write fiction – something I haven’t been doing at all lately. I also am a part-time college instructor and the owner of a small publishing company. I am working 50-60+ hours per week and need to remove something from my schedule.

When I examine the phenomenon of blogging, I would compare it in the print world to a column. Though I have done many things in my writing career, I have never been inclined towards being a columnist. Even when I was editor of a small newspaper, I would write news and feature articles and some profiles, but I always sought out others for the regular columns. So that is perhaps part of the issue here – why I dread it so much when my turn is coming up to blog – it’s just not where I’m naturally inclined as a writer.

I think there are some excellent bloggers out there. Sheila Wray Gregoire, Tracy Campbell, and Jean Ann Williams come to mind. I have been an active part of The Word Guild blogspot for the past five (or possibly six) years and would love to continue to support it but I know there are many other fine writers out there who will continue on.

So farewell and thanks for all who have read my posts in the past. Thanks especially to Peter Black who regularly comments on all of our posts. It’s great to know that someone is out there!

Dorene Meyer

Author of Jessie's Secret launching on March 28 at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg, MB


Peter Black said...

Well, Dorene, I cannot say that I'm thrilled with the news of your departure from the blog; your contributions will be very much missed!

Thank you for your kind sentiments, and for this, your 'swan song' explanatory post.

I wish for you every blessing and continued success in all your endeavours.

Dorene Meyer said...

Thanks, Peter!

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