Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Gift Idea - Meyer

A few days ago, I pulled a copy of the original Hot Apple Cider down off my shelf and started reading it. I had read it when it first came out four years ago but I’m enjoying it all over again now. I am an extremely fast reader with a low retention rate, which allows me to enjoy all over again books that I have read in the past.

Hot Apple Cider is a book worth reading again. In the past four years, 30,000 copies have been given out at Girls Night Out and Couples Night Out events, and 15,000 additional copies have been sold, making Hot Apple Cider a Canadian bestseller.

Jane Kirkpatrick says, “Inventive and filled with grace, Hot Apple Cider is just what its name implies: an open door, a warm invitation, a friend when needed and least expected, a gentle calling toward a generous life. From the shores of Australia and a woman’s grief, to Romania and a choice we all must make, to the town of Stuckville anywhere in the world and a dozen other settings, in prose and poetry and non-fiction, these stories remind us that God draws us together and speaks to us uniquely and in community. If you’re looking for inspiration, something to breathe in for reassurance that you’re not alone, something to remind you to hear God’s voice in acts of compassion, spend an afternoon with Hot Apple Cider. It could just change your life.”

People sometimes find they have a bit of extra time during the Christmas season to read a book. Hot Apple Cider is a great choice for winter reading for yourself, or it would make a great gift for just about anyone on your Christmas list. You can also put it together as a gift set with A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider. Both books are available on Amazon or directly from the publisher

To beat the winter blues, curl up with a cup of Hot Apple Cider!
Dorene Meyer
Author of Rachel's Children
Also available as an eBook


Alice @ christmas gift basket for children said...

This is really great and much inspiring blogpost with regards to the best gifting option.

Dorene Meyer said...

Thanks, Alice! This looks like a really great website, especially for people who are sending gifts to people who live far away.

Peter Black said...

Dorene, the more involved I've become in writing, the slower my reading has become. (Hmm, my retention is much less than it used to be, too.)
On Hot Apple Cider -- Second Cup. My wife has just finished her second reading through the book, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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