Friday, August 17, 2012

Blessings and Surprises/MANN

Awards are very special to receive. I’ve received a few of them myself for writing and gardening. I’ve always felt encouraged. Recently I read Jane Kirkpatrick’s newsletter noting that a national literary organization had just announced winners and finalists to which she’d entered. She says, “No, I wasn't a finalist or winner this year but two of my favourite authors were.” And then she goes on to confirm the authors mentioned.

Sometimes we have opportunity to lift people up and then bask in the opportunities given to them; while other times we are the ones lifted by someone who feel we deserve recognition: the latter often remain anonymous.

Through time, I’ve found such enjoyment in forwarding names for recognition or awards and then pleased to step back and watch the individual’s delight and surprise. Never knowing how panels or judges actually make their choices makes the waiting game even more interesting. Reading how specific people gain judge's attention often teaches the qualities they seek.

I remember nominating a woman for an award and carefully filling out the information sheet from questions asked by the organization. Thinking I’d answered them appropriately, I gave it to the person to read and check the points. She returned it to me and said, “Who are you talking about? This isn’t me.” I chuckle when I remember this, as we sometimes have difficulty seeing ourselves in other people’s tribute. For these reasons, I am glad we have judges who watch, listen and think deeply.

I was recently nominated for an award for volunteer work and recognition of outstanding contributions made to community, province and country which led to an invitation to receive a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. I’m always humbled by any kind of recognition, but I’m excited to receive it on behalf of those I’ve served. For without them, the volunteer work would be unmerited.

I spent a lot of time thinking just how I was going to tell others about this award and surprised at how difficult it was for me. My husband would say, “Have you told anybody yet?” My response was “No, but I will.” So, here goes—to my friends who follow this blog and others who enjoy hearing about people who believe in people.

Go and find someone to encourage,

Donna Mann


Peter Black said...

Congratulations Donna!

That's wonderful, and I'm certain that your sponsors have been truly touched by your life and influence and service in a very definite and positive way.
I and all your TWG family are gratefully proud of you, I'm sure.

Your introductory point is very apropos. It's a marvellous thing to quietly encourage and privately promote others whom we consider are deserving of recognition, and to see them succeed.

Janet Sketchley said...

Congratulations, Donna, and well done in your service. Thanks for letting us celebrate with you!

Donna Mann said...

Thanks for your comments Peter and Janet. I'm still getting used to it.

Bonnie Norris said...

Blessings and Surprises! Most aptly titled. I am so pleasantly surprised and offer my sincere congratulations. You are the blessing to all you serve and I am honoured to consider you a friend and adviser.. WOW !

Dan said...

Congratulations Mom
Your commitment,dedication and passion to God, Family,friends and community has never gone unrecognized to those that call you Mom,wife,friend or neighbor...:)
Well done Mom I am so very proud of your unlimited accomplishments and dedication to your passions

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