Thursday, May 10, 2012

When I Met Jesus - Laura J. Davis

This is my first time to post at Canadian Writers Who are Christian and while I am familiar with most of the authors that post here, I realized as I set out to write something today, that you (the reader) and even some of my fellow authors, may not know a thing about me. So I thought that today I would begin by telling you a little about myself. We'll start with how I met my best friend - Jesus.

Many folks who acknowledge Christ as Saviour probably had someone lead them to him. Over the years, many tried to lead me to the feet of God, however my ears were too clogged and my heart too full of bitterness to hear them. It wasn't until a little book called The Omen came into my life, that I started to wonder what this "Jesus thing" was all about. 

The Omen, if you recall, was a book about the Antichrist. A movie was made about it in the '70's starring Gregory Peck. It was your basic horror book/movie. At that time in my life I was into horror movies, tarot cards and a few other things that kept me far away from God. Anyway, in the book the author had included scripture from The Book of Revelation in the Bible. I was so intrigued that Jesus was coming back again, that I read the entire book of Revelation one night. I went to bed shaking like a leaf! Jesus was coming back AND the world was going to end? That was too much for my 17 year old mind to take. I went to bed and immediately started dreaming. In the dream, I was standing alone underneath the glow of a streetlight. All around me was darkness. Then I heard a voice that said, "Laura, where are you going?" and I shouted back, "I'm going to hell." From there I went immediately to hell, a horrible place! A saw the river Hades, I felt the heat, the screams of lost souls and I woke up screaming and sweating.

Fortunately for me, Campus Crusade for Christ had just been to my high school and someone had given me a copy of the Four Spiritual Laws. I sprang from my bed and searched my room for the little booklet. I read the whole thing and then I read the entire gospel of John. It was after reading John that I realized what I had to do and I got down on my knees, confessed my sins, thanked Jesus for dying for me and invited him into my life. Around 5:00 am I went back to bed and I had another dream. I was dressed in white and I was coming out of a very dark place. I stepped into heaven and Jesus came and took my hand and said, "Now, everything is going to be alright."

The next time I am back, I will fill you in on what else happened. For now, I invite you to visit me at my website at where you can find out a little bit more about me and take a peek at my books Come to Me and Learning from the Master.

Until we meet again, have a blessed week!


Peter Black said...

Delightful and refreshing, Laura!
Thanks for sharing this delicious slice of your introduction to divine, redeeming grace at work in your life.

Laura J. Davis said...

Thank you Peter!

violet said...

Wow! That was some 24 hours (or less) for you! Thanks for sharing your story.

Diana said...

Laura, I'm pretty late with this comment, so I will email you as well. I had to comment anyway. I'm blow away by your experience, and how amazing God is. We all have such wonderfully different experiences with Him, some dramatic, like yours (and mine, tho it wasn't as dramatic as yours) and some very quiet. But all beautiful. Thank you for sharing that. I look forward to your next post.

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