Monday, May 21, 2012

Why Do I Write?

by Glynis M. Belec

So I dished out the homework at our last Writers Unite meeting and no one grumbled.

"Write a 200 - 300 word essay titled: 'Why Do I Write?'" I said in my nicest voice.

I handed out the usual directives to write from the heart and let the words flow.

"Dig deep and try to fathom the real reason you use words - whether it is through song, poetry, prose..." I did prattle on.

My lovely fellow scribes are a contented and wonderfully supportive group when we gather each month at our obliging little down-town studio. (And I still am in awe at the way they seem to trust me lots when it comes to the written word.)

Some days, when I get zero accomplished in the writing department, I feel such a phony. At the meetings I encourage everyone to try to find at least some time in a day to write. I tell them the importance of keeping at it and I tell them to never give up hope and to pursue with passion what God has laid before them. I need to practise what I preach!

As I was enjoying the beauty of  today, and contemplating dropping a Facebook reminder to everyone to not forget their homework, I realized that I, too, need to do my homework. I need to do my homework not because I fear the backlash of my fellow writers, or anticipate the naughty chair. After all, should the leader be required to do homework, too?

Ah yes, I need to do my homework and ask myself Why do I Write? so that I can inhale deeply and be refreshed and reminded about how much God has blessed me with something I never thought I deserved.

So...why do I write?

I write because the words that I need to come out of my mouth don't.
I write because I have little voices inside my head compelling me to do so.
I write because God gave me a voice.
When I look around I see the hurried, the harried, the beleaguered, the forlorn.
I see the beauty, the purpose, the confusion, the significant.
And I want to write about it.

I write because I am fascinated with how 26 little letters can be combined to create thousands of words.
I write because I love to hear someone say, "I can really relate to that" or "thanks for giving me a smile" or "I understand what you are going through."
I write because God gave me a purpose.
When my mind drifts, it drifts to places that excite and spur me into action. I want to write down what happened because I am sure someone would like to know about it. Or not.

I write because I love to communicate; to connect; to impart learned ideas or thoughts.
I write because a teacher once told me I was good at it.
I write because sometimes it feels like I am worshipping God.
Pouring out my heart on a page is balm for my soul. Behaviour modification is accomplished when I focus and adapt. Then I still myself - ready to think and speak through words. I love that feeling.

I write because of the satisfaction I acquire from seeing how words can stir a soul.
I write because of the sense of accomplishment.
I write because there is so much to share about God's Amazing Grace.
When I write there is something surreal about the journey - the beginning, the middle, the end.
When I write with God on my mind...and with gratitude in my heart for the love of words; when I listen for His direction and respect His timing, I feel like I understand a little tiny piece of God's heart.

...That is why I write...

Oh, that my words could be recorded. 

Oh, that they could be inscribed on a monument, 
carved with an iron chisel and filled with lead, 
engraved forever in the rock. 
"But as for me, I know that my Redeemer lives, 
and he will stand upon the earth at last. 
And after my body has decayed, 
yet in my body I will see God! 
I will see him for myself. 
Yes, I will see him with my own eyes. 
I am overwhelmed at the thought! 
Job 19:23-27 (NLT) 

1 comment:

Peter Black said...

Wow! You surely did your homework this time, Glynis!
No embarrassment at the next writers group meeting for you, eh?
You dug deep and fathomed the reasons ...
Thank you for sharing them.

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