Friday, April 13, 2012

I'll write the appies - Violet Nesdoly


Though I have laboured long
over the hot stove of fiction
slow-roasted the plot
peeled and cooked the characters
tossed point-of-view and dialogue
whisked lumps out of theme and motivation
and at last presented my creation
garnished to be page-turning

I prefer to work
on the poetry course
try to make each hors d’oeuvres
a playful experiment
every bite-sized creation
so surprising and intriguing
the reader won't stop at one.
Then I get to leave the kitchen early
because I’m done.

© 2011 by Violet Nesdoly

This is my little tip of the hat to April—National Poetry Month. I hope you're all enjoying lots of poems:  writing, reading, and reciting.

Some suggestions on where to go:

To write: 

To read and perhaps recite: 

  • Your Daily Poem has just that—a daily poem. This is poetry that is accessible and fun. Subscribe to get the daily poem delivered by email every morning.

If you enjoy children's poetry try:

  • Gotta Book,  a blog by kids' poet Greg Pincus. Greg is posting a new poem by well-known children's poets  every day of April
  • If you like your poetry with calories, Jama's Alphabet Soup features a new poem by well-known children's poets every weekday, along with a recipe from the poet. (My Easter feast benefitted from one of these recipes!).



Peter Black said...

Violet, thanks for serving up this tasty appetizer. Very cute, funny, and clever!
I hadn't realized this was poetry month, and haven't been writing any of late.

Maybe I should come up with one
So I'll not be completely outdone
Before I run out of time
But don't groan
I've reverted to rhyme! :)

violet said...

Thanks Peter,
This is great!
Glad you didn't wait
or hesitate at the gate.

Seriously, I think rhyme is fun and very useful. It can be painful (like mine above) and silly. But used well it's really not reverting at all IMHO.

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