Monday, November 07, 2011

Setting Goals at 3:00 am - M. Laycock

Interesting that the theme for this month is setting goals for your writing. It used to be I didn't worry about setting goals - they always seemed to change or fade away due to the ups and downs of life, so I thought, why bother?

But I have come to realize that setting
goals is important. The discipline motivates and keeps me on track. I spent a sleepless night last night thinking about that exact thing. (some of these chemo drugs are stimulants that keep me awake - could call it a benefit in some ways. Instead of 24 hours I get about 36!)

As I pondered the dismal part of my writing life lately - being dumped by my publisher and coming in second in a contest that would have seen that book published anyway - I decided to shake that dark cloak off and set some goals to keep moving forward. It was about 3:00 a.m. but my mind was whirling.

So here they are -
1 - Finish the final edit on A Tumbled Stone, the sequel to One Smooth Stone; format it into an ebook then get it online at Smashwords and Amazon.
2 - begin research for new project - historical non fiction set in Saskatchewan.
3 - write said book; re-write said book into a play - or maybe vice versa

And now that they're set I'm excited again. Goals can do that too. So how about yours? Have you set yours down yet?

Marcia Lee Laycock author of One Smooth Stone, ( A Tumbled Stone, Spur of the Moment and

Abundant Rain. (


Peter Black said...

Ooooh! Marcia, your goal setting prowess contrasts so sharply with this guy . . . I'm not a good goal setter. I'm shamed, and that's good!
Every blessing and success to you as you proceed to fulfil yours.

Mary Waind said...

A dandy reminder, Marcia. Setting a definite goal does help...and I need to do that.

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