Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Deception - Derksen


Over the years,as I've penned my way toward the twelve plus books and over 2500 articles that I've published, I've come to realize that no matter how hard I try to write from a level of objectivity, my belief system permeates my writing. Maybe for some of you, this is a DUH moment but, if this is so for me then it must also be the same for other writers.

When I open a newspaper, I expect that the journalist who wrote the article I read to be writing from an objective point of view. But, if I write from my belief system then so does that person. Articles that report about homosexual activity, abortion rights activists, the war in Iraq, or anything about the church, are written from that person's point of view based on their belief system.

There is no such thing as objectivity. Everything comes from that person's life experiences which formed their belief system so if the person writing the article has had an abusive relationship with a man, she writes every article with an anti-male bias. And haven't we seen a lot of that in the past twenty years.

What about reports about hate speech or abuse toward homosexuals? If a person comes from a situation where they have been denied something they feel is their right, they write from that bias. We never or seldom hear about bullying in general, an occurrence that happens in all schools to some degree or another. We do hear about the inexcusable treatment of a young person who openly admits he's gay.

Let's take this idea a little further. If I write from my belief system, as do all writers whether they want to admit it or not, then why is it we see nothing or few articles in newspapers that have a Christian point of view? Could it be that Christians have abandoned the craft of journalism or are pro Christian articles censored as not being politically correct?

I think there are very few people with a Christian belief system hired by newspapers, either because they are not applying for the positions or because their viewpoint is not accepted or tolerated. It is politically correct to tolerate the explicit activity of the homosexual community, the rampant murder of pre-born children or the pressure to comply with drugs that prevent venereal disease instead of educating our young people about abstinence BUT let a person with a strong sense of moral values declare their insights in any article and it's censored.

Christians are a major part of this society. Newspapers are supposed to reflect the culture they work and live in yet, Christian journalists are few and far between and certainly do not reflect the demographics of our world.

Writers with a Christian belief system need to become active, vocal journalists, Journalists need to write truth not the truth of some lobby group, but truth. When only 300,000 march for gay rights, newspapers should not report that 1,000,000 marched just because the lobby group for gay rights wishes it.

Everyone needs to understand that a person's belief system reflects in their writing. When an article in the newspaper says that such and such is so, research the writer and where he's coming from before believing every word we read as gospel. Above all seek truth, the unvarnished, no matter what.

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Peter Black said...

Barbara Ann, in this piece you deal in a very objective manner with this matter of the inevitability of subjective bias. I have every reason to believe that what you are saying is true to -- that is, consistent with -- the reality in the way things are in our culture and world.
Very well done!
My view is that only the willfully blinded would disagree with you.

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