Monday, February 14, 2011

From The Miniscule to the Majestic - Derksen

A question that often travels across the frontal lobe of my brain, or whatever place the brain handles questions, is why would God create such a vast universe, if all He wanted was one inhabited planet? Secular scientists try to present a case for other life forms living on other planets, but, being a strong proponent of Biblical truth, I see no evidence in the Bible for another civilization.

So…why did God create a universe that it takes millions of years to travel through? During a recent trip to the Creation Museum in Cincinnati, my husband and I visited their planetarium. We learned that not only are we only one galaxy among billions out there, but the bowl of the big dipper is made up of billions of galaxies all by itself. The concept is so vast that our finite minds find it hard to conceive and yet, scientists have proven this to be so.

We can comprehend the idea that God created us, our moon and stars, and all that lives on our planet. That’s easy to understand when we look at an intricately designed snowflake sitting on a tree branch in the dead of winter. We see that no two snowflakes are alike. Only our awesome Creator could have done that. When we think of the human body, an organism that scientists for years have tried to create, we discover that the best they can do is copy because God has devised this wonderful shell we live in.

Our human mind tries to understand how great our God is BUT until we look closely at or hear someone who knows describe, the extent of our universe; we never fully comprehend how Majestic our God is. He created it all. He is bigger than His Creation. Think about that for a second or two.  God could probably place this planet in the palm of His hand… maybe even the entire Universe.

Yet He loves us individually. The Bible says He cares for the Sparrow and He knows the number of hairs on each of our heads. In all the vastness of the Universe, only our planet could sustain our lives. God designed it just for our needs, even our need to satisfy our thirst for beauty.  In our human-ness we try, with our little finite brains to understand how awesome He i s. It takes our looking at a never ending plethora of stars and planets to even begin to know how powerful our God is. God says to us, “This is done by my hand and I am bigger than all of it.”

Still, we insist on making Him into our image. We pull Him out of our pocket once in a while, when we need a favor, want a wedding blessed, or a birth dedicated. We make decisions without Him and wonder why we fail. We tell Him that we know better than He how to run our lives. Imagine that…the ultimate audacity.

Barbara Ann Derksen, with 10 books currently published, writes devotionals (latest one at, murder mysteries, and children's stories. Her latest mystery, the third in a series, Fear Not, will be released this spring.


Brian C. Austin said...

This is rich with truth Barbara. Thanks for sharing.

Peter Black said...

Barbara Ann,
Your reflective piece reminds me of the realization that it is not necessarily the unbeliever -- the agnostic, or even the atheist -- who limits God; it is often we who say we believe who limit Him by failing to open our hearts and minds to the vast expansiveness of the universe which He has made. And not to forget of course, His infinite care for us, revealed in Jesus' redemptive sacrifice on the cross -- the "Lamb slain from before the foundation of the world."
Thank you.

P.S. As others have suggested we "make" our God too small!

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